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I have made a list of non-fiction short story topics. I am going to give it a whirl today and hope for the best. I did join Critiques Circle but I'm not to sure about it over there yet. Anyone else in any other writing communities besides this one? I mean this is the best one but I am interested to hear about what else is out there.
I am BACK! I spent the last year or longer dealing with life. I found out I have a rare heart disease called ARVD. I spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. This last November things really started coming together for me. I did lose my mother. She was killed by her husband and nobody cared to even investigate so I DO have all THAT on my plate and do not know what to do. My mom threw the rallies for medical marijuana in Colorado. That being said I have people asking for podcast interviews,local magazine interviews and even a documentary I will be speaking on. It's been really neat actually. I've gotten a ton of free weed shwag! So I have been holding contests on my Instagram to share my gifts with others. Well anyways I am glad to be back. I really missed my writing community.
Hey, nice to hear from you... I sent you some mails, I wasn't sure you got them, so I left a note in your notebook.... I'm sorry for not replying. I'm absolutely fine, thanks. I live in India... I don't know why, but for some reason I'm not able to send you mails. I'll leave this in your notebook, I guess...
Hope you have a great time with your daughter(s). ❤️
So I'm great, what about you? Guess you should set that alarm. 🤔😁 Seeya!
Hi Miss303! I see you’re as new as I am. Welcome to the community! You’re a good writer and I hope your muse cooperates so you keep at it. If you need anything I’m here. I’m not sure how much a fellow newbie can do, but hey, you never know. Anyway, welcome and enjoy your stay
Oh hi and thank you so much for this. Sorry for such a late reply. Still not great with all the tools and functions here.
Not sure how I missed your reply, apologies though. Nah it’s fine, I was the same way when I first started on here.
Does anyone else play Agario??? Addicting.
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What is that?
Hey, I mailed you regarding that stuff we were talking bout... Something is wrong with my net, so I'm not sure if you're receiving the mails, so, are you?
Hey I totally forgot to add a picture to my blog and cant figure out how to now. Thank you in advance for anyone who answers and Xiea I will catch you up with everything tomorrow. I appreciate you a lot. Sorry was not feeling well today. *Heart*
Hey, thanks. Don't worry about it. *Smile* Take care. And sorry, I know nothing about the blog. *Rant*
But I'm guessing its not too different from inserting pics in a message forum or a static item. For that, you'll first have to create (upload, more like) the image on your account first. Then it'll get its unique image id. Next, you go to the blog and use the tag {image:######}, where ###### stands for the image's id. Hope this helped!
It's been probably 15 years since I have had to use code and none of it is coming back. How did my Myspace look so f-ing cool?!?!?! Lmao.
Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Today feels like a BIRTHDAY to me! ( I never had any) I am so stoked and will be putting money aside to KEEP my member ship! I am so grateful for you guys doing this for me! You are truly a blessing in this sad girl's life right now so thank you!!!!!
Tomorrow is the day I will be posting some more poetry. Tomorrow feels like a birthday to me I cannot wait to finally be upgraded and fill my portfolio up! I cannot WAIT to blog and I am absolutely stoked to meet more of you!
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Good luck!*Hamster*
Tomorrow I get to start an awesome new membership journey here and boy have I been excited and counting down the days! It's so nice to be here!
*Balloonp* Welcome to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! So thrilled to have you review with us.*Delight*

Hey, Go click on My Account and then on Achievements and see the magic that can happen in your Community tab! *Wink**Wand*

*Heart*Happy writing.
I don't suppose this is the place for this but I cannot blog...YET! I posted about needing an upgrade in the hopes I would win a charity one and I did!!!! I am sorry I am just so so so freaking excited! I love this place and I love you guys! I have never been part of such a loving, open and honest community! I am however looking for a way to figure out how to pay it forward. I said I would donate my gift points. Any ideas? Please and thank you in advance for even being here with me.
I heard that RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) is going to do a raffle soon. You could buy tickets for people there.
Hey SailorMoon303 ! Chibithulu (Alyssa) was almost right, except that I, Xiea , am conducting a raffle ("The RAOK Raffle!) to raise funds for the amazing "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group. Besides, every opportunity I get to advertise, Imma exploit! *Bigsmile*
My raffle is now open, so make sure check it out!
Thank you! Perfect because I truly appreciate the love from you guys! It's been a decent journey indoors with all of you!! I will get to donating!
Hello there Miss303!

I just reviewed one of your poems that I definitely enjoyed! If you need any help around the site just message me. Keep up the great writing! *Heart*
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Ha! I JUST now found these notebook replies! Thank you SO much for this and I am here for you as well!
Hi, Miss303, welcome to WDC. I'm running around capturing notebooks as part of the Wonderland competition. This visit is almost over now that I'm 'one step closer to the White/Red/Queen/King but I'll be back to Wonderland again soon.
Welcome to WdC! It appears this virus thing has isolated a lot of us, but on the upside it gives us plenty of writing time. *Bigsmile*

Here's some tarts given to you from the knave of hearts. Maybe the sugar high will help fuel your muse in this challenging time.

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