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I have an Upgraded Membership and just started a blog. Unfortunately I do not have the Blog Tab to attach it to. I read about it in Writing.Com 101, the tab should be between my Notebook and Fans Tabs but it isn't. Need help!
Anyone interested, here is my blog...

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Thanks to StoryMaster for pointing me in the right direction and getting my Blog attached to my Port! Awesome!
Thank you Angel Review Forum for featuring me! Helps encourage me to write a little more (and do a better edit before posting).
 Always There, Not For You.  (13+)
Author's Note: This is some free verse I wrote in 15 minutes in the summer of 2010.
#1915029 by Mark Allen Mc Lemore
This is a poem I wrote in 2010, shortly after leaving my trailer and running like Hell from my hometown of Sparta, Michigan. Please review.
Please send blessings to me for my Friend of the Court appointment at 8:30am in the morning (1/24/2013). I have been paying on my son and he hasn't even been living with his mom for the past year, she is too busy doing heroin and some designer drug called bath salts, I am not defaming her character, I have actual proof from CPS. I have been trying to get into FOC for the past 4 months, since finding this out. CPS even called them and I have still been paying. I think this is fraud and extortion!
So I went to this list @ changingminds.org which lists 192(?) figures of speech:


But, I had a question perhaps another writer here could answer; what type of figure of speech does, "Watch your eyes," falls under?
I was wondering this morning when my fiance, turning on the bedroom light, said this. Since I have been studying different FoS, I was wondering what this was; oxymoron, rhetoric, etc... PLEASE HELP!

I mean, how could I "watch" my eyes? That is the rhetoric aspect of it, and it is kind of an oxymoron like Icy-Hot, isn't it? Alas, I am sure with almost 200 choices there is a different FoS this falls under.
It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you around *Smile*

Day 3 of being a newbie int he WDC.
Woke up, well, actually tossed and turned all night, getting chills, finally got out of bed at 9 a.m. only to use the bathroom...
FLU! *Sick*
Took some medicine.
Went back to bed. *Bed*
Got up a few times since...
Went back to bed...
Finally, got up an hour and a half ago, feeling better, but still achy.
Logged on to the WDC.
I will try not to breath on anyone...
*Vine1**Flowerr* Hi there, Just dropping you a friendly note to say, "Welcome to the site!" I'm sure you'll be glad you joined. If you're wondering how to get started, or if you'd like to come and meet some new faces, why not visit us at "Coffee Lounge and say hello? *Flowerr**Vine2*
Well, signing off on my second day at the WDC! Had a great day. THANKS to the "Anonymous" that gave me the 3 month membership! Hmmmm, I have been in the psychology critical think tank for college and... Well, it doesn't matter what I think, I was going to get a FULL YEAR anyways, just before I received that. I still am. So, even if it is one of those "hook" tactics, it was a very nice gesture, since this site itself has me hooked. I made my own "Review Tool" today. Awesome. Good Night, friends.
So much to do at Writing.Com! This is my first day and I have been very engaged at this site, going no where else on the web. The intranet at this site seems fathomless. I love it!
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