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Internet! You're BACK!!!
Building a forum now for our writing stuff. All my fellow writers may join if you want to make forums about stories we're involved in :)

Yick, I guess I'm gonna take down Perfect War for now. Guess it just wasn't it's time...
A campfire we were doing but it's over a hundred days stagnant and one writer dropped out.
Once holidays are over, it's back to the grind. I demand to write!
Just other stuff I've been meaning too
Jeez, I need a day off. Must...do...addition...
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Story of my life right now!!
This is my update, I hope you enjoyed it.
Doing some brainstorming and such. Writing a story called Catalyst for my girlfriend, but it won't be posted here. I've got a few ideas, one for a short story that I'll save till later. No need to bog myself down with WAY too many stories at once like I did before lol There's a good chance I'll pick up a few of my older ideas later down the road, but I'm trying for something new right now. Hmm, but what to do?
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