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Three Word Thursday:

gimme 10mins. alone
I've posted three new poems today and I would especially like a review for "Love Lies in the Meadow. Thanks in advance.
Can someone please tell me what happened to an author who went by the handle Funnyface? She was a writing.com friend before I became in active. I'm back now and went to check her portfolio. She mentions an illness and then it appears her port became inactive sometime in 2011. If anyone has any information I would appreciate knowing what became of her. Thanks.
I am a returning author who has been gone a very long time although I have tried a few times to come back to writing and rediscover my muse. I am impressed with the changes I see in the site and amazed and appreciative of all the gift point reward programs I see set in place. Thank you Writing.com for making it enjoyable to return.
Returning after a long dry spell and hoping to be inspired again and revive the muse. Wondering who's still here that might remember me. I'd love to reconnect with old friends. *Smile*
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/mothermouse