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1 WCB Proud WereCow Paradise  (E)
Werecow feels Insane for not trusting information. Unleashing Her inner cow instincts?
I am surviving. I know a lot of people but don't really have as close of friends as my mother & brother. What we are missing is good friends. We don't need a reason. I base my religious beliefs on Jesus's teachings. I don't really care whether or not he is the son of God. what I care about is love.

I simply believe Jesus heals people, believes in hanging out with everybody, and his sense of fun. He made everybody feel important. I kinda like reading the bible to see how faith has changed over the years. I don't think God is responsible for things in the bible by only the reason that somebody in the bible says it is so.

I like being part of the Christian community as long as it is accepting. I haven't been with anybody sexually. I am 31.

I don't think Christians are better than other people. I just have picked up a fair amount from Christianity. People say a lot of thing are Christian just because it is in the bible. Just 'cause God can help people through every word in the Bible
http://www.pornhub.com/users/untilthen is a nice place to relax and see what is out there.
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