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Happy WdCversary!
see above.

Happy 16th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
Happy Anniversary!
A little birdie tells me you're having an account anniversary! Happy Birthday! And may your day be joyful and full of the things that you like the most!
Happy 15 th Anniversary

If you want a good, short Xmas horror story, I just bought and read and was a good reader and reviewed it too. lol. I know how great it feels when someone leaves a review so I try to do the same. I have Kindle Unlimited, so if you have any good horror, humor, or sci-fi stories to recommend that are available there for free or under $5 please message me!
I just started a new In & Out
Alphabetical Conversation  (18+)
Based on 90 second alphabet on "Whose Line is it Anyway"
#2239834 by Grandma Penguin needs help
A new parody for you:
 Age of Dystopia  (ASR)
Parody song based on "Age of Aquarius" from "Hair"
#2239601 by Grandma Penguin needs help
I was browsing through "Read & Review" and found an interesting short story that I was enjoying. As I was reading it, one of my cats stepped on the keyboard and it went to the next story. I keep clicking the link over and over trying to find the story so I can finish reading it and it won't come up again. I do not remember the title or author. It was about a teenage girl who heard something outside her window and her mom and brothers tried to find out what it was. It was pretty good so far. Help!
I hope you can find it.
If you'd used the browser back button immediately, you would have been able to finish reading it, at least.

At this point there are a couple of place you can check, but no guarantees.

My Account/My Summary Stats, My Activity, and choose the right date.

Or check the Community/Read a Newbie listing and something might look familiar.
Weirdly, going back in the browser didn't find it and it doesn't show up in history at all. I tried the My Account/My Summary Stats thing and everything else I've read today is there and I still can't find it. Either I completely imagined it in the first place or maybe they deleted it while I was reading it and that's why it actually disappeared??
Wrote a new song parody. (Anti-Trump)

 Trump Went Down to Georgia  (13+)
Song parody
#2239143 by Grandma Penguin needs help
Trying to activate my new phone and it's being a pain in the arse. Ugh.
Not long after I posted this I got it working. lol. I really shouldn't try to think when I'm tired.
Or maybe you should just bitch sooner. That seemed to work this time!
Amazon's Price: $ 2.99
So, I self-published a collection of some of my older and more popular short stories. If you know anyone with a love of flash fiction, please share with them!! *Smile* (It can also be ordered in paperback)
Forgot to mention: If you have Kindle Unlimited, this book is available for free!
Sold 5 copies so far. I consider that a success.
There's a couple of new chapters ready for your perusal if you're interested.
Finding Utopia  (GC)
It starts with zombies and then gets weirder!
#1366976 by Grandma Penguin needs help
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