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*BurstR* Happy Anniversary *BurstR*

best wishes
*BurstO* Happy Anniversary *BurstO*
thank you.
hard to believe, in some ways.
*stares at mandatories & obstacles*
two years of communication.
seven hundred and thirty days of word work.
awesome happens.
*do a happy dance*
"Writing hath charms to soothe a savage breast." In my case, to soothe a sorry boob. :P
engineering semester busy?
As always! Trying to finish up. You?
similar enough to empathize. best of luck.. :)
i r upgraded! *does happy dance* *twice* :D
Upgraded too! Maybe it'll be better for me to join you in that dance!
:) x2
How is it going dear -xXx-i?

Member of "The WDC Angel Army
tired, but happy with my progress.
and you?
who can learn some new things?...I can, I can :D
So you're ready to learn that people need to see who (or what) you are, and fill out your portfolio biography accordingly? Cool. We knew you could. *Smile*
oooooh my.
i have never assumed anyone needed to know who or what i am.
i'll see what i can do, but only because you have requested it.
spectacular sensations
widgets of wonder....:)
by an email
in a goooood way
Back atcha! :)