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Towering inferno
It's spinning around
Infernal tornado
Well, that's the sound

I wanna make music
I wanna make you move
I wanna light you on fire
But I can only groove

To my own beats, not at all
To the day to day, nah
To the future no way
Not that I can find

I'm living away
All I want
It gonna be okay?

Someone to say it is
Not enough
Someone who shows me
What I've done


What can
be made
from just
two words?

A song

Once the
Papers crumpled
Up it
Can't be
Perfect again

From top
To bottom
To top
I stop

Worn and forgotten

Broke the mold

Next step is
What you behold
Hold you close
Never let go
Don't ever stop
Until you're sure

It's time to go

If you stay, well
Four on the floor
Dancing to the beat
Let's end this already

With five I am alive
Nowhere else to go, so
I will stay right here.

It's not a sexy number, six
Until it finds a nine, quite devilish
Well, it is even within itself

Nah, this ain't goin' anywhere, so bye!
Sidelined my happiness
Favored a course stained red
With my success assured
I'll bet it all on passion

Came to mind from today's three words.

Away from the world, and myself
I find a plateau to rest on
A floating rock above an abyss of colorful activity, heedless
To the lack of any such need I feel

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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/muen