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Happy 1 year anniversary! I see you haven't been here in a really long time, but I do hope you come back! *Heart*
"I'm a shooting star and the end of the show is over. My body is cold and dull with only empty wishes of those who saw me." - Muii.ire

( I lost my password and I kind of forgot the gmail I used but I'm back! c: Please be safe everyone. )
"People say it's okay to tell them how you feel then get angry because you want "attention." - Muii.ire
"There are too many moments in a day where I am tired and stressed and too little solutions to fix it." - Muii.ire
I definitely hear that!
"I hate how watching is now my only escape from this cold world. It's the only thing that stuck to me. Writing is becoming harder and reading is becoming a task. I can't focus and everyday I am tired but I know that in the real world, no one cares. I am just a burden for everyone and I keep making so many stupid mistakes. I do things passionately that takes so long to build but it's so easy to lose and break." - Muii.ire
This is so sad. I'm glad you found WdC and hope it can bring you cheer like it has me! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
"Each writing is a memory and a piece of your heart. To lose what you spent your feelings on so easily and know you cannot make it, write it again, hurts." - Muii.ire
Dear members/users and guests, I have realized yesterday I had spammed up the newsfeed and did not realize how much I was posting and putting up on my notebook. I got carried away and I am sorry for my mistake. I have learned I should post at the most 3 per day. I will try my absolute best not to do it again. Thank you for all the help and information. c: I am new so please forgive mistakes that I might make in the future. Thank you c:
Awesome! *Bigsmile* And don't hesitate to email any of us if you have questions.
*Yawn* I'm on my way to bed...
Till tomorrow!
~Cubby ")
Cubby✏️ Goodnight, please have a good dream c:
Technically, there are no rules about how much you can post on the newsfeed. But I'm sure people will appreciate if you only post a few a day. I know I've posted too many in a day (or in a row!) before and people have been all 'Woah, take a breath!' *Laugh*

I hope you enjoy it here. Some of us are just a little bit addicted to this site. *Whistle*
"You do not understand so please leave me alone. I know you are tired of me, but never was a time when you weren't." - Muii.ire

(Most of the things I say you might not understand but I use this so I can vent. These things that I write is because I cannot with my mouth.)
"Do not make me believe I was let inside if you were going to leave when my use was over." - Muii.ire
Sorji I am very sorry I did not know it was spamming the newsfeed! I will not do it again, thank you c:
Schnujo Oh thank you very much, I did not know this hehe 😅 Thank you for telling me. I might write these on a book one day, thank you though c:
Cubby✏️ Thank you very much, I will ask you when I need to c: I am happy to know there is someone I can ask c:

"My mind is a world itself and so if sometimes you find me quiet and just staring, I am lost within it." - Muii.ire
Yeah, I get that. Me too, sometimes. *Wink*
"To understand you are smart, you must understand you are stupid." - Muii.ire