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*Balloonp* Happy Happy 10th anniversary wishes. *Wand*
Happy account anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful and creative day!
Hi there
I just want to wish you a happy birthday
and you have a good, safe day.

Best Wishes
Have a wonderful rest of the day and have a special Birthday. p.s TinaMarie

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Why, today is your Special Day!

*Glass5* *Candy5* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Candy8* *Glass5*

*Giftt* Many Happy Returns!!! *Giftt*

Calli Seren

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*Salute*Yay! Happy 6 years at WDC! *Balloonb*Thanks for all yo do and be to make this space shine! *Starstruck* Here's to many more fun and fulfilling years! *Choco**Cake**Glass*
Congratulations on your 5th year Account Anniversary!
(one day late. Sorry.)

~Nixie *Bigsmile*
Thank you, Laura for your prayers and support! I truly appreciate my friends on WDC!
Thanks so much Charles but REALLY thank "you" for all YOU do for the WDC Power Reviewers and this wonderful community in general!
Thank you Leger - it's an honor and REALLY scary when you suddenly get "lit up in yellow" but I'm so appreciative of such graciousness and faith. I'm going to do my best to share this light with others - then the world will be righted again*Smile*
*Balloony* Congratulations on your promotion! *Balloony*
Thanks Janice! I have the oxygen mask fully engaged as I'm still a little dizzy up here in this rarefied air...but I'm counting on lots of "hands reaching out to keep me upright"*People* until I find my footing!
Congratulations, Calli! Looking good in yellow! *Smile*
Thanks Arpita - I've been pondering what it "feels" like and it feels "BIG" so I'm working on digging through my closet and figuring out who slipped some magic glass slippers in there and how to get the things on "my" feet*Shock*