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*BurstV* Happy Anniversary *BurstV*
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Happy anniversary
*CakeP* Happy Birthday *CakeP*
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*Cake3* Happy Birthday *Cake3*
We got the third grade teacher I was hoping for! Now to just make it to Tuesday... taking lots of deep breaths!
Finding out who the Kidlets' teachers are for the upcoming school year tonight! I am nervous as heck about sending them into the care of another new person, but I'm also excited to get back to running, quiet time, and getting all my schooling over with in the upcoming school year! I don't know how I'm going to willingly give up the whole "stay-at-home Mom" gig when I finally get this degree because I love being able to be there for them, especially since I never had that when I was their age. I sometimes get frustrated that I don't have enough time to accomplish everything I'd like, but then I remember that this is only temporary and I'm going to miss these times when they're gone. *Pin*
Well said! *Smile*
I missed my own account birthday! But, I made brownies, so I'm going to call it my account birthday cake. *Cool*
Classes start up again in a week. I am not really looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to being done, though, so I have to keep pushing on.
A cup of coffee and a book. I was up way too late reading, had to force myself to put the book down, and it's the first thing I want to do this morning, especially with one of my Things still sleeping and the other also reading this fine morning. Hoping to hit the beach later today!
Also, did you know it's my 11th Portfolio birthday in just 4 days? It doesn't feel like I've been a Writing.Com member that long! I suddenly feel a little ancient!
Two weeks break between summer and fall classes! I've been attending classes for eight months straight... a break is welcome and much needed!
Classes are done for the summer semester on Thursday. For this, I am glad. I will get a whopping 2 week break before fall classes start, but I only have 2 more semesters until I graduate with a degree in graphic design! Anybody got a web site they want built? LOL