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My newest poetry book, Life Happens, will be available on the Barnes and Noble website within 72 hours, and will be available world-wide once I get things going.

this will most likely be my best-selling one yet

*HappyCry* *Reading* *BigSmile* *Angelic*

🎉 Congratulations 🎉
Excellent news of writers/ authors being published! It continually gives me hope and motivation to keep at it no matter how discouraged I am. Thank you and congrats, again.

Imogen Elliott
Congrats!! Make sure you let Joy know so she can add it to "List of Published Books by WdC Authors .
If any one on this website has self-published, I have some questions for you:

1. What app(s) have you used and what do you think works the best?
2. how quick did your books start getting sold?
3. how did you get people interested in your writings?
While I don't do self-publishing, I have a number of friends who do.

Are you looking at purely online publishing, or e-books, or e-books and physical books? This will give me a better idea.

A friend doing it at the moment is using a hybrid publisher named Forbes Books. She is really happy with it, and it is not breaking the bank.

Here's some info for you:
What to look for and some to avoid  
A pretty comprehensive list  

Good luck!

About that time of year again where i start writing an anniversary letter for my boyfriend and I NEVER know how to start...

*mumbles* you'd think i'd know how being a writer but my brain and i don't get along all the time -_-

Just speak from your heart. The rest will follow. If you are worried about how to start, write down your feelings and take notes from it.
That's such a lovely tradition.

My husband would assume I was leaving to pursue a bohemian lifestyle or page 2 contained a list of grievances that affected page 1's sentiment.

"This letter was, of course, heartfelt. However, the following are placed on the next roundtable agenda in hopes of strengthening next year's prose..."


Trust me, he has a list of his own lol.
I don't know how to tag members but thank you to the person who said my letters are a lovely tradition. That's really sweet :D
#1 problem with being a writer:

having 20 stories that you started but will probably never finish..........

*whispers* raise your hand if you have that problem too

*Blush* *FacePalm*


When you've cracked 250, call me.

20... pfft.
Well, in high school, I used to be able to finish stories, as an adult, it's a lot harder :P
If anyone grew up in the 70s or has written a story that takes place in the 70s, I could use your help.

To anyone who grew up in the 70s: what do you remember about that era?

Yes, Clean Green Sox - and orange shag carpet! *Pthb*
Macrame, hooked rugs, and Tupperware parties.
Roller skates with steel wheels and a key that you kept on a shoestring.
"Women's Lib"
Playing outside until the street lights came on.
Taking turns using the telephone and having timed conversations so everyone got a chance to use the phone. Plus you'd get a busy signal or no answer and just have to try again later.
Looking up someone's home address in the phone book.
Two knobs on the television- the top one had the three major networks, and if you turned it to "U" then you could turn the second knob to try to get one of the other networks. Usually, though, even with the "rabbit ears," you couldn't get good enough reception to make it worthwhile. *Facepalm*

Wow, that was fun.
buddhangela's Brave & Crazy or the worst avocado Green, sunset orange and harvest gold shag. I had it in the house I bought in 1999 and it gave me ptsd flashbacks for years...

@rinsoxy - my in-laws had that exact carpet when I first met them *Scared* I was much relieved when I learned they were just renting that house. *Rolling*
I've written love stories so many times that it's pretty much a habit at this point but.....I wanna know:

What would be y'all advice to someone who wants to write a love story?

I am really not a fan of romance novels but I do enjoy writing. Here are a few pieces of advice that may help...

1. Do not rush the plot.

2. Set the right mood at the right moment. Like photography, timing is important.

3. Have the two characters meet in a way they, at first do not really notice each other. Say sitting at the same bench, waiting for the bus or passing each other going to or from work.
Read every love story you can get your hands on. *Bigsmile*
Add a paranormal element. That's the only way to get me to read romance *Delight*
anddddddddd going back to the stories that got me famous on here 8+ years ago.....

yep, going back to hockey stories *Rolling* *Rolling*

why am I like this?

Okay, writers:

What do you think are some of the best ways to keep a story interesting?

Foreshadowing. Speaking of foreshadowing I may need to change my outline for Escaping the Maze.
Throw in a complication, a stumbling block.

This can be an argument (in a romance), an attack by some monster (in a fantasy), a random meteorite (in a scifi), a rustler coming through town (in a Western)... all of that sort of thing.

For me, as a horror writer, a death always helps.
I :) May :) Have :) Gotten :) Downgraded :) To :) A :) Cleaner :) Instead :) Of :) A :) Hostess :) At :) My :) Restaurant :) Without :) Explanation :) But :) I :) Still :) Have :) A :) Job :)

Give it time, it'll get easier.
🌕 HuntersMoon

You're not wrong there, Hunter!!! It's just a little irritating because just two days ago, they were fine with scheduling me as hostess and the day I come in to ask for more hours, they tell me I'll be a busser/cleaner instead :)

Me too! I’m a bus girl/ hostess. But, I do it all still! 🤔😂
I’m fine with it, in a way I got a raise from 3 hours a week to 10 hours! ❤️ I was 9 when I started and she cut me back to 3, now I’m 10. I feel like a yo-yo. *Crazy*
Stay positive about it. I look at it as, I’m blessed to have a job.
What were you doing 21 years ago today?

I was only 4 years old so I remember little of this event except for stories my parents have told me....

@ Steven (PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS!) Oh Yee of little faith. You don't strike me as the type that, just because folks don't agree with you, you're not going to share your feelings. For example, the passing Queen Elizabeth. Yes, she was a great lady but I don't have the emotional bond that many do. To me, it's a news item and not a cause for sadness. I'm sure that 9/11 isn't perceived the same for everyone.
🌕 HuntersMoon - I normally don't care but 11/9 plays on United Etatians so much that I have worked out over the years I'm not allowed to express my opinions on it. Like I said, just last year, we were kicked out of a Discord channel because of it, and we were being very careful with our language and how we put things. Mind you, they asked us back later for their own selfish reasons, but we didn't bother to return.
I had a two-year-old and I was suffering from depression. I got help but was still struggling. We had been in our new house for about a year by then and were enjoying the time watching our daughter grow. It was exciting having our new house. It was a small house, but bigger than the one we were renting before. It was kind of a tough time because my husband worked on a farm at the time, so his hours were long. Luckily for us, my mother was able to keep her for us while we worked.
Have any of you written an autobiography and published it? If so, what tips can you give me? I'm thinking about writing one....

Keep a journal. Start with your earlier memories and work your way forward. I don't have an autobiography published but need to catch up with my journal so that I have something.
Read lots of memoirs.
It's so funny seeing the difference between the writing I posted/post on here and what I post elsewhere. Here, I post fictional stories and on, say, Instagram, I post my poetry.

I guess I haven't seen as many poets on here as I have on my Instagram.....
*Ha* *Laugh*

Question of the day pt 2:

If you were to write a historical fiction story, what era would you write about?
I would write about ancient greece
Imperial Rome.

It's the era of history I know the most about.
Question Of The Day:

If you could go back in time and revisit one day of your life, what day would it be?

The first time I saw the Matrix
The day I got married cause. I miss my husband who passed away almost eight years ago.
People who grew up/lived in the 1980s:

Name one thing you remember most about it

*BigSmile* *BigSmile*
Even then I was having a hard time remembering the 60's... *Rolling*
I remember Mask and G.I.Joe
I remember every Saturday watching Kong Fu theater with my brother.
Everyone was eating casseroles topped with layers of cheese.
Hair Band music
Phones that were tethered to the wall, but we had super long bouncy cords we could drag several feet.
Slasher 80's movies...like Tx Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween...just to name a few.
Going to the Blockbuster or other video rental place on Fridays and renting VHS tapes to watch in VCRs.
Just to name a few things!
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