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Today I have sent my entry "God Assigns DR Scribe Poetry
I have already sent my entry for WDC media prompt Challenge for March 2023 "God Assigns DR Scribe Poetry
Sorry, sorry, sorry, WDC is appearing complex to too much complex to get the required, interesting and needful info and it is becoming time consuming, though I appreciate WDC is making information much more compartmentalized, less and lesser people would be interested, time factor, people of today is getting less and lesser time and obviously may lose interest going for info; let info be available more and more easily; let members be more and more interested to get the right info easily. change may not bring convenience always; really time is becoming a bar; for example: I want to participate WDC COMMUNITY CHALLENGE: 48 HOUR MEDIA CHALLENGE But the required info getting has been complex so I am losing interest in participation, for time, getting more and more other unwanted info; let it be easy to participate a challenge; why huge info of members and their particulars and other unwanted info; please do something to make the challenge simple to participate; thank you for any sort of help about easy and quick participation sorry for the inconvenience; I have written more; but if you are interested in the challenge, you would feel the truth and problems to participate

Here is a link to the current challenge:

"Note: 48-HOUR CHALLENGE : Media Prompt Deadl..."

Hope this helps...

You listen to the music.
You write something.
You post a link to what you wrote by typing{bitem:xxxxxx} or {entry:xxxxxxx} where the x's are the number of your item or entry
The link must be posted in the forum message announcing the contest within the 48 hours.
Yes I have sent my "Tangerine Sky
After all, thank God, I have written and sent my ACROSTIC POEM - Tangerine Sky {item: 2289846}

what is this? what I am to listen and how to write after listening to song, please give me COMMUNITY CHALLENGE, PROMPT MEDIA, JUST GIVE ME ALL TO READ AND ACCEPT THE CHALENGE AND HELP ME DO MY JOB FOR THE CHALLENGE; all are there are confusing, nothing is clear, please help me, I want to write a poem and send but I am confused with words, what to click? I want to participate the challenge; just give me WDC COMMUNITY CHALLENGE PROMPT MEDIA and tell me what to do
Hallo Guru Valmiki Aristotle Scriber
It's basically that you use the song as an inspiration to write something.
Create a static item in your portfolio with what you wrote, and put the link in the comment.
So confusing, lots of words, blogs, sites, names, works, what to read and what to understand for what, I am like a child searching 48 Hours MEDIA PROMPT for reading or listening and writing something and send my writing to the authority my POEM and get GP from them; but I am confused, I know there is at least one member to help me out, please WDC COMMUNITYCHALLENGE, LET ME SHOW WHAT I AM TO READ, LISTEN AND WRITE POEM, thank you for reading this
Happy anniversary
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

I know God creates man; God gifts man qualities and abilities for living a gifted soul as life; man can do anything he likes and can do manly, but man cannot tell, say, speak, write, publish anything or any word for the future, that means, man has no power, no ability to speak, tell, write or publish anything for the FUTURE, God only has the power, ability to speak, tell, say, announce anything for the FUTURE; I know if man write, publish, announce, or speak, or tell, or say, not self-speaking, anything about the FUTURE, it never happens, it will never happen, for man has no power to write and publish any word for the FUTURE...
My acrostic VERSE over 15,000 lines are about God's punishments, yeah, I've been scribing this verse, acrostic, lyrical, rhyme, scribe verse I have been scribing (not writing in literal sense for it is truly or actually not a book but a scribe), yeah, 6 years over, I've been scribing the Verse since 2017...
It is not pride that God may punish, after writing, scribing the verse, an ACROSTIC in over 15,000 Lines after 6 years...
O my, since 2017, yeah, over six years, I've been scribing AN ACROSTIC LYRICAL RHYME VERSE on God, it's now over 15,000 Lines in acrostic scribe...
15,000 Lines all in ACROSTIC scribing a verse on GOD since 2017
When world was one, when there was no continent but one world, when there was no United States, when there was no Africa, when there was no Asia, when there was no Europe, when there was no continent, when there was ONE WORLD, when the world was a DARK PLACE WATER EVERYWHERE, I have been writing a BOOK of GOD since 2017, yes, about six years, I have been writing the book of, on, about GOD about time when there was no name of countries, I have been writing a story, scribe in ACROSTIC, LYRICAL AND RHYMIC VERSE, a published book is likely to be DEDICATED TO MAN, MANKIND AND GOD......10/12/2022
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