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God has shown me why God's rule, law of changes are the only truth, for now I cannot write the same note once more, for God's rule of changes is active since about 3 trillion years, so I can't write and publish, yes man cannot write anything and everything and publish, of course, the truth is that man has not been gifted the power or ability to write and publish, write and circulate, write and print for publication, write and publish anything and everything, particularly write and distribute or circulate worldwide, yes, God's unwritten, invisible rule, law or system of CHANGES is there; God creates man and God gifts man everything to do but man cannot write and publish about anything on or for the FUTURE, about anything or for about man's own or personal wish, will for the FUTURE, for FUTURE is changeable, God controls the future, so whatever man writes and publishes never happens as per God's rules of CHANGES; for God is also OMNISCIENT (all knowing), OMNIPRESENT (present everywhere simultaneously), and OMNIPOTENT (all powerful, capable of doing anything and everything, all powerful to do), so I cannot write and publish about my book and the state and status of the book for I never know what changes will be done by God and all my future announcement, future declarations, future words, future guessing, future anticipations, future wishes, future wills, future activities, future performance, future aims, future goals, future acts, future actions, future NON-ACTIONS, FUTURE NON-ACTIVITIES, FUTURE INACTIONS, FUTURE ABOUT THE BOOK that I have been scribing or writing since 2017, even I can't write and publish when I shall publish the book, now or till today, I have written the book on God, in ACROSTIC, 100% acrostic, it may change anytime if GOD WISHES, a book of verse, a book of FICTIONAL SCRIBE, lyrical and in rhymes, and in acrostic, yes acrostic, since 2017, anything can change as per God's law of Changes. 19/11/2022
How can I rewrite my note? I wrote about changes; anyway, God does not want you read about the note, it is about my book, changes, rules of changes, law of changes, changes rule of God; why the entire note in about 2500words is lost? why? how? I never know what happened?
Just I have written a note about my book in about 2500 words but it is not seen, why?
Since 2017 I've been scribing a book - Prayer, it has about 3, 333 Lines, a fictional verse in lyric and rhyme, an acrostic poem in thousand lines
Writing dot com and I am not allowed to write and post my notes? How sad
Your posts need to be under 2,500 characters. If you want to write longer pieces, create items in your portfolio and create links to them here? Just a suggestion. Good luck!
Thank you STORY MASTER for sending happy birthday email with gift points God Bless You. God is Good. I have been scribing a book of verse in about 60 pages on God in about 3, 333 lines ACROSTIC LYRICAL RHYME FICTIONAL SCRIBE VERSE since 2017.
I experience WDC does not want me to write notes may be that is why all my notes are being deleted before I post
There is only 1 problem noted in the Error Log which states the reason it didn’t post is that the minimum character count was not met.
All my note vanished, and vanishing again and again, why
Yes, I'm the most idiot writer as I asked for others help only promising to give or offer or provide or send GIFT POINTS, how fool I am, O God punish me, punish me for such an idiotic act. Thank you. 09/10/2022.
How poor, callous, imperfect, cheap writer I am, even after writing 144 books I am asking for helps from someone for getting the links of publishers who can publish my next book FREE, truly I am a mad man, indeed, God bless you and I know God has punished me enough.
Yeah, man only expects, but man is always ready or prepared to get something FREE FREE FREE from others. I know, there are genius and professional writers, far more and more than that of my standard, I have just written 144 books, so what? May be there are more than thousand writers wrote more than 144 books wrote and published and earning royalties, not a poor writer like me. Thank you.

Now I experience, there is none to help me with a help providing a link for publication of my book, what a shame, should I continue? should I feel proud of my achievements? pooh, I am sorry by expecting someone to help me, sorry. Thank you if you have read and avoided or escaped me. God bless you.
The note in 2499 words is TWEETED in 10 pages as 10 tweets today. let me experience a good man.

I am now completing my next book - PRAYER, yeah, I am happy to write, I have written the book about 99.888%; please help me sending me all effective links for PUBLICATION of the book for free from the globally known and recognised publishers so that I may proceed for publication of my book, it is a Scribe fictional verse mostly acrostic, scribed in my own art and style in English; SET A MORAL LIFE EVERY DAY, the scribe title is 'PRAYER'; all your helps for publication of my scribe (book, expressed in a FICTIONAL SCRIBE VERSE - MOSTLY ACROSTIC; I may pay you good amount of GIFT POINTS for any sort of help for publication of my book; I have proposed to price the book only 1.02 DOLLAR ONE POINT ZERO TWO (approximate, in one Dollar only, for worldwide selling of the book); I may like to appreciate your help providing links with a word of information for publication; thank you, God bless you; you may email me if you like; email: futurepresidentofindia@yahoo.in please email me any day, any time, with some useful information about publication of my scribe (book); I wish to publish the book from a globally recognised, known, popular publisher which can print my computerized ready, with paintings, photos and the fictional verse and publish the book printable in about 60 pages only to be sold and circulated across the world at the cheapest price and the book may be sold at the cheapest price of a published book, at lease, as I wish, may be sold and available in about 291 countries across the world, as I wish the book may receive the highest awards from countries, for I know my ability as all my 144 (one hundred and forty four books published online over 33 years through and from different sites including a few books from WRITING DOT COM, please do not think and avoid this note, I wish my book may be published, sold and circulated worldwide, a printed and published book may be available anywhere from across the world, a few pages from the publishable book may be posted at the WRITING DOT COM at my earliest; I know, think and belief, there is no end in learning; I have received many awards, certificates, over three decades, as I mentioned, I have already published online about 144 books, not posts, complete books, not chapters; and I am not proud of my performance; as I have studied in many universities for many faculties over three decades; please do not smile at my note; I am just a learner, really a Lawyer, Author, Writer and Scriber. Ty.07/10/22 ;
Happy to note, my WDC membership is renewed today; my membership fee paid today and my membership remains valid till 15/11/2023 or 15th November 2023; you may communicate freely, heartily and happily.
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