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Merry meet! Everyone, Me and my wife have been having some issues both medical and housing this is why I haven't been on here in so long. I love to write and help other writers out with there writings yet we all know family comes first no matter what. I have been fight tooth and nail just to get my wife the help she need for her health issues as well as been looking for a way to get her added to my housing here where I am staying. My housing that I have won't add her only because they claim we didn't give them enough evidence to prove that she has a clean credit history all because on her credit history it shows her and her ex-husband shared mortgage at one point when that had been taken care of when they got divorced years ago. The housing also has been causing issues with others here and I have been advocating for those clients as well trying to deal with all this BS. So as you all can see it's not that I don't want to be on here just been way to busy working on a lot of different projects. I hope you all have had a blessed past couple of holidays and I pray you all have a blessed New Years as well. Merry Part everyone.
I just got back from a long meditative state for me to refresh my thoughts for my stories and what not am now back to get to work on my new and some of my old stories and add some poetry on here as well and do some journaling to. I'm hoping to also get back into my song writing and many more other things as well.
I'm now a year younger than I once was lol happy new years and I hope ever one had a blessed holiday. Keep up the good work with all the writings I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while to read more let alone right more. I can't wait to start my next story/ novel as well as start a diary on here too.
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