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I've just edited an item in my portfolio. It is being polished to be included in an anthology:
 The Wrong Man  (E)
IFW # 01 A 500 word character description of someone I knew.
Whoever gave me this gift of an upgraded membership- thank you very much. Money has been tight with my rent going on every year. I'm hopeful that things will change, improve, once I move in June 2019.

I'm moving back to my home state of Florida.
Well shoot- I'm out of the paranormal contest. I have a great piece. Part 1 of chapter 1 to on of my novels. Sadly, it's out because it's close to 3,000 words. Awe Nuts!
Time for some serious editing. A challenge always worth pursuing to see how much you can tighten it.
Well, do what the webwitch told me to do. Put a title on it and at the exact word count stop, cut the rest off, and put part one. Then give a link to part two. If you cut it off right at a cliffhanger chances are the judge and or judges will continue to read the rest if you have done your job right. Boy, she sure can be sneaky.
Last night I received the response from my LRWG instructor about Lesson 7. He had good things to say about it. Now, I need to edit the file that I have on here to update with the suggested edits.
I just finished Lesson # 7 for LRWG and sent it off through e-mail. I have to admit - I like the digital submission. It's fast, easy, and free. Which says a lot for my budget. I also like that expediency. The moment I'm done with the papers it's just a matter of attaching the files to an e-mail and sending it off. It takes all of about a minute or two. This is a huge time saver vs. a trip to the post office. Forget the weather, standing in line, or even waiting on the bus- it's done!
*Idea* Light bulb moment! Since I'll be going with fiction for the rest of the LRWG course, I'm going to skip some nonfiction articles. The ones on Personal Profile and Setting could still be helpful.
The kitties and I are going to make an early start on the weekend. We're spending time to catch up on some much needed reading. It's nothing too exciting, a number of chapters in a few text books with Long Ridge Writers Group. I can see why the school chose these books. These are just a handful of books for writers of either fiction or non-fiction. And I wouldn't recommend them if I wasn't sold on them.

Essentials of English - Barron's Publishing (4 contributors listed)
Freelance Writing - by Marcia Yudkin
Find It Fast - by Robert Berkman

My personal favorites:

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers - by Renni Browne and Dave King
On Writing Well - by William Zinsser

I personally lean towards fiction more than non but these books have been immensely helpful.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Be safe and write on!

- mindy
Wondering- is there a 'monthly goals' thread / section?
I don't know about monthly. There is a weekly
I post to the weekly one but some of my goals take a month to complete
Hey, this is Angels in my Ear from "Invalid Item checking in on you. How are things going? Do you have any questions you need answered? We'd love to hear from you.
I decided to change my 'showing name' I've gotten use to this one lol
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I didn't notice until you pointed it out! I've had to type your username so many times now that Mz. Snowleopard is how I think of you I guess. *Laugh*
Coming to the of Season 4 Stargate SG-1. God I love this show!!!!
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Never seen the show(s), but I liked the movie! *Bigsmile*
It's not the end of the day YET! It's not even 5 o'clock yet. There's still plenty of time to work on and complete some of my weekly goals. The rest will roll-over to next week's list.
Note to self-

Self, it's 2014 and you still have a long list of unfinished projects. Make this the year to knock it down. Finishing the course with Long Ridge Writer's Group would be another awesome idea.*Cool*. And while you're at it- don't forget to finish that manual with Toastmasters.
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