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Happy anniversary
Happy new year everyone!
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Happy New Year
New Year's Resolution 2024: To live this year as though it were my last.

Happy birthday 🎂
reposted note; Series reuploaded called Yamato: The New Adventure. Fan Fiction Sequel to Final Yamato Movie by Voyager Entertainment

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bad insomnia tonight, But not in the mood to write anything. ICKY hates nights like this.
Those nights are horrible, I understand. Hope you get some good sleep tonight.
I was up until 4:30 am working on a paper that was due at midnight...last night. *Yikes* Mostly done, I reviewed the assignment only to discover I'd done it wrong! *Shock2* *Sob* *FacePalm*

Yes. I read it before starting. But somehow got off track.

Now it's 6:30 am, I'm too stressed to sleep but don't want to work on it anymore before I consult with a classmate. *Pthb* I think I can only use 2 of the 8 sections I wrote. *Frown*

What's my point? Nothing, really. I just wanted to complain. *Laugh*
Re: M for Monday, do you perchance mean the manual manipulation of mainly modestly masked members, or is my moderately military mind mistaken? *Shock*
found information on self-publishing this is only one of three sources... but it is fairly reasonable in price to do it.


There are others I have not looked at Barnes and Noble and Kobi these are alternates if you don't want to get involved with Amazon at all...

Here's a pretty thorough and comprehensive review:
The prices, however, do seem to have gone up since this was put together.
Reedsy's blog is a font of information.
I don't do self-publishing, so have no personal thoughts on a choice, so I thought I'd give you a professional's point of view.
thansk s for the review. I acknowledge there are going to be quirks to self-publishing. For what it offers its not a bad thing to self-publish. just another alternative of possibly publishing.
just heard the word that U.S. is at defcon 3 because of Putin's threat to use nukes on us british and NATO... so it's watch wait and suggest to pray.

*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Still working to fix and repost my writings. unleashing grammerly.com on it so it fixes grammar and minor technical errors. Will post when finished. Not done yet.

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https://www.grammarly.com/ is such a helpful tool. But...all those underlines! Yikes!
Writing Prompt Challenge:

This is with compliments of the Anne Frank House - Amsterdam Holland... a dozen young people spent the night in the museum where Anne, her family and the others originally hid from the Nazis until their capture and to meet their destines. They were instructed to write a letter to Anne Frank with this prompt: "If you could write a letter to Anne Frank, what would it say and tell her?" It is such an outstanding prompt that I asked permission to share this. I think it would VERY interesting to know what this group could come up with. Posts can be linked through Facebook to post it to Anne Frank House if you wish...
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Christmas Poem posted for the Holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Well, (in Former President Reagan Voice)... It appears I am back with you and doing better than ever... Things are looking up, have a new therapist, going through shock therapy, and under meds that is controlling my mood and mind... Is much happier and feeling much better than i was before. As for my previous behavior, i send my apologies and assurances that you won't have any problems out of me with a new lease on life and outlook. it kind of got very dicey with a couple of suicide attempts, but that changed after therapy. I can actually say i have a better outlook on life in general... and want to live and not face death...

Things are looking up now even more so... I am FINALLY after twenty years, ready to publish officially and have enough material for a two volume of a collected works. Just in the process of finalizing my works and editing one more time all my stories. A collected two volume works of everything I have written in twenty years.

Also, if allowed, to post here again, "correctly", putting aside differences, and get back to work posting as and with a paid account... Actually contributing on a "REAL" site as a multiple published author... I'm not looking for a Pulitzer Prize or anything... but want to actually say in life i actually contributed something to this world and I am not a side-liner and bench warmer... i actually did it, and people can enjoy my writing.

Not going to do this blindly though, i will post a few pieces for a gauge of an opinion. I am and been working hard with new material and style... I hope to share and let everyone here have a first look at my materials before i put it together to be sold.

Still finalizing the who what where when how and why also... and researching the age group i should be targeting at. Science fiction/fantasy work so its not for the faint of heart. It's going to be strange and a bit out there... be warned now. *Smile*

N.A Miller, Gentleman writer.
WELCOME BACK! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* I'm glad to hear things are going much better for you! *Heart*
I was reading one of yours but didn't get a chance to review it. At the moment I'm not sure which one. But it was near the bottom of your list.
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