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I am so tired first day of work and I am worn out I was not made to do manual labor lol I hurt.I think that I should elaborate a little haven't done work like this for pay in many years and there are jobs that are harder for different reason like nursing don't miss them 12 hour shifts doing Home Health or doing hospice cases.
Ha, you think working a 9 to 5 is hard? From 1998 to 2007, I had to travel the country, three weeks out of every month, to visit the 62 branches I was responsible for... then I retired and haven't had a day's rest since.
Don't worry about Joey, he didn't mean to sound hurtful. Remember to get enough rest when you're done... Avoid too much screentime before bed and all that *HeartB*
So God he does know my heart however he has being asking but do you really know mines?Do you really know what make gives me joy and what offends me? Do you really want to do what pleases me? Because that is the more important question do I know God's heart not the other way around and will I follow him wholeheartedly?

Fire on the mountain:the path : it's a book about Christians and Jesus and faith and relationship more importantly with the Father,
A love that is greater than me

There is a love that is so warm and bright it is greater than me
My love can be fleeting and grounded in my selfishness and foolishness
There is a love however that is so much greater than me
A love that calls out to me and everyone
A love that I long to be filled with,that I long to over take me
I must stay in my word and keep doing to next right thing
More importantly i have to accept this love
I have to allow this love to live inside of me and let it change me
His love, Gods love, cleans up the greatest sinner
His love washes away my sin and gave himself for me
It "s love hung on calvary for me
Suffered and died for me there is no greater love than this
It can cover a multitude of sins
It will not however let you hide within that sin
You must come clean my friend
Because his grace is reaching out his hand for you to take my friend
It is a protection from the power,hurt and shame of my sin
I must not give into my sin
I must reach out for that love that is greater than me
I need that love and at times it seems so far away that love
However I must not believe the lie
I must reach out for the love that is greater than me.
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Hi, nice to meet you! Just thought I'd drop by and leave some good vibes and prayers and positivity for you *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *HeartB* *Pray* *Angelic* *Smile*
I am unemployed again after being self-employed for over two years.this is not good because the stresses of life took me down a very negative road of late. the good thing is i guess I have more time to work on me and hopefully become the kind of person I want to be.The bad thing is I needed the money and now I don't have it. the good thing is i started really hating those jobs so now I am free of them. the bad thing is i can't use them as a reference. The good thing is I will not lose my housing or anything because i still have income coming in.The good thing is my son is working some now.The good thing is i am trying to find other ways to bring in at least small amounts of money. So over all I am trying to be thankful that it is bad however not as bad as it could be so I am thankful to the Lord for this at least.This is a writing to heal assignment.
*Hug1**Frown**Hug2* *Confused* *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Laugh*
well this is the quickest way to get it all out and down and do the assignment I don't have to share however the point is to share to heal with someone if not the group
Go for it! I hope you have great success in the near future. There are ways to make money at home. It depends on the amount of research to be certain it is the best fit for you and also a legitimate way to accomplish your goals. Dear God, please take care of Happy to write in Jesus' mame.amen.
3 things for self healing/care for the summer
1.Stay on top of my recovery groups
2.stay on top of my therapy meetings/sessions
3.stay on top of exercising at least 4 times a week for at least 30 mins
this is a writing to heal assignment also
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Good for you. I'm doing my best to get back to being able to do things, be healthier, and thriving also.
Happy birthday!
Oh wow my story Late bloomer was offensive to the judes I just now get this.I had forgot I even wrote this to be honest .Oh,well it is loosely based on a true story and is our culture's reality most of the time, yeah it does have a punch however for things to change we should write more stuff like this not less.
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Not sure which contest you entered it in where the judges were offended, but I'm sorry you experienced that. *Hug1**Frown**Hug2* You can always put a trigger warning on the top of your item in bold red words to let folks know in case they are going to have a problem reading something. *Heart*
So omg I just realized this story is also loosely about me and my family not just my God sister so someone please tell me how to put this where it can't be easily be read because I am going be in my feeling if folks ripe Late Bloomer apart and hint that it is trash for obvious reasons.I am learning I am not ready to write this story yet we went through Hell or parents were a piece of work and that is a nice way of putting it.I didn't know all of that was in Me.I don't even remember doing this WOw!.We can't release this to the population at large they don't get it and it makes them really angry .Let's be real it makes me a little ticked too however it's my story I wrote some of my story. WHat the-------- was I thinking.Ok this happened for a reason but it need to be put in a folder or something how can I do this.
In the setting (gear wheel to edit) you always have the option to put it Keep Private, For My Eyes Only. Or for writers from the site to read it. That way outsiders can't read it.
Also, if you just don't want comments/reviews, you can put at the top and bottom in bold, centered (and maybe even red) words that this is a very personal story you are sharing and you don't want any comments/reviews on it.

I do hope that writing it helps you find some healing, though. *Care*
Please, please take that story out of the judging pool .This story is hitting hard and in all the wrong ways.I shouldn't have ever written this even though I don't really remember writing it.Our world isn't ready for this ,it is too real and harsh.You can say stuff like this but it is how you say it and I don't know how to say it clearly.I don't want anymore responses please .Yes I get it this is a messed up story and the characters are just so messed up and I made it even worse by the way it was presented. If I write and put it where it can be read it ,it will judged period .Answer be more careful what you write and present to the world.
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I'm not sure what you are referencing when you say "judging pool." It sounded like you had entered it in a contest, then regretted it. If so, you can go to the forum and delete your entry.

But as I kept reading, I started thinking you maybe meant just random reviews. If that's the case, there are a couple of options. Go to edit the story using the gear in the upper right corner. If you don't want anyone to be able to read it at all, change that by editing the 4th thing down under the big story text box. It probably says "Make PUBLIC, allow EVERYONE!" This means anyone can see the story. You can click that and put it on "Keep PRIVATE, for my eyes only!" That way, you can see it, but no one else can.

Another option that allows it to be still read by others, but not rated is to click Advanced (below RCS) and the 3rd one down says "Rating / Reviewing Preference." Click that and change it to something else. There is no option for it to not be reviewed at all if you have it viewable, but you can set it to only allow people to email their comments. Most folks don't. *Wink* I have everything in my port set to Rating Requires Review to prevent people from doing what I call drive-by ratings, just giving me 2 stars with no comments. *Irritated* I have found that killjoys like that don't bother giving feedback and will move on.

I hope this information helps! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
So I made it so that story will not just pop up for anyone and everyone thank you Jesus and I did some rewriting .
no student loan relief wow people are so selfish and greedy
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Depending on what your degree is in, there are businesses and non-profits who will sometimes help with student loans. Good luck!
Happy birthday 🎂
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