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So learn from me when folks ask you or politely say you can go home go it is not a suggestion. I had my mind on two things trying to push through for the grant money and the horror of the moment and not wanting to give in and run because that’s an issue also. I should have ran like someone was try to sit me ablaze sometimes it’s ok to run and count your losses me being the dumb A that I am didn’t catch the hint,go home we don’t want you here you are ruining this for everyone .Hind sight is 20/20 they say right ,right.
So already dealing with the fall out of last night because I am not seen being-as the woman who had a panic attack I am seen as the nasty woman who was disrupting the showed period. This was a level C celebrity however still one and your raggedy A came in with your dumb crap.It not our problem you Mental I’ll ok stay your sick dumb A at home is pretty much what the feeling is. I see why some just lose it and just go rebel Rambo or give up and kill themselves because that is what the world prefers that you be out of the way and by any means . So beyond over it well glad the storm is coming at least I can hide for a few days without excuses.
Writing through my pain again today I wrote Today.
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I'm glad you were able to write. I hope you feel better soon.
Another mandatory event that was a disaster like big time.
So my CPAP machine is a nightmare it really is like if that’s what normal breathing is I think I want to just keep breathing wrong.
Thanks for the prayers Oz was nice I needed to get away.
So rainbow braids ,Wizard of Oz inspired outfit check and check I am off to see the Wizard Lord willing tomorrow.Prayers for traveling mercies.
So it is fine to have a God of your understanding just make sure he matches with the God of the Bible because he has already told you who he is in his Word!
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And if you are the focus of a Police song, you can be redeemed by God or Sting.
On a good note I didn’t give up completely today, I didn’t make excuses, I showed up and did everything I was supposed to do, I am clean and sober and I am going to bed that way.
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Clean and sober is good, congratulations, good job, keep it up. You have been very good today!
Today was not a good day at all lost it with my son like really lost it,he ran from me which isn’t good at all because he thought I was going to try and hurt him I was not.
The play was not enjoyable and they were drinking at this event not my cup of tea at all.
I have not had a good day and I still have to go to this school event with folks that don’t really care for me too much well some and to an event I am not in the mood for. I want to sleep 😴 and hide from the world!
So I am going to a local event sponsored by my school tomorrow hopefully it won’t be so bad local theater can be ok sometimes.
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I hope you have fun and enjoy the experience.
The Queen is home bye bye Queen Elizabeth.
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