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Will not be responding to folks gaslighting ,belittling,put me down etc save the email folks it will be delete without me even bothering to reading it.
You do have the right and option not to read any piece ,stop reading or disregard all of someones post etc,you don’t have the right to be mean or abusive.
What happened?

Unfortunately, it happens here a bit. I hope you can rise above it better than I have and good luck going forward.
My heart means sending Love your way ok.
Learning to write about what matters to me, learning to write about the tough subjects that no one wants to talk about like rape, poverty, abuse, mental illness without let others make me feel ashamed or wrong for doing it. All stories need to be told not only the stories that make us feel light and fluffy, happy and joyous all stories need to be shared. Evil thrives when good men do nothing I guess this is my small way of doing something. I am happy to write and tell the stories that need to be told all of them even if I don't agree with some of them.
Wow, some stuff you write is just bad and there's no fixing it. I had to delete one of my pieces tonight because I worked on it for hours tonight and it just didn't come together. Sometimes you have to know when to let stuff go. It was a fictional story based on true happenings but, to be honest, I was ranting really about a person's misdeed's towards me and maybe that's why God didn't let it come together because he wants me to let it go.? If the story were to get back around to her she would most likely know the story was about her and it would be bad so now I don't have to worry about that. I think maybe I rant too much sometimes. Ranting is just another form of anger out of control possibly. Oh well here's to learning to be a more effective/better writer.
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