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Starting to have that write want again
I have a lot on my mind for now... I'll try to keep this brief.

A lot of kindness went into writing Fragmented Minds.
Good memories and friendly reviews eventually led me to keep going as well.
Regardless of where we are now, I still find warmth in the words that has been shared here. I rarely write but, I'd like to say thank you, to all of you.

Anyway, I keep smashing buttons because I'm shy about my awkward accent.

So... Here's a link to the YouTube because I had a silly idea with this piece... (I'm not sure it's alright to share links here? Poke me or simply remove the post if so?)


I'm not interested in reviews at this point... I guess, I still feel like sharing a bit.

Much love.
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There is a long thread in the weft of American culture linking Scandinavian women by a liquid diction and a warmth that settles softly over one's temples.
         Your voice has a nap to it. In one direction, it is soft and perfectly smooth. In the other, it is ever so slightly stiff. It crackles with a subliminal charge, more felt than heard.
         Awkward? Like watching a good friend screaming "Let me out!" There are no bars, no walls. There is no spoon.
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I never get it. 👻

You write! You create! You breathe!

Keep growing. 🌱

Get it, right? 🌈🌞🎶
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Suppose it is word things...

This link will show you my snake shed his skin (this leads to YouTube, should there be any doubt (and am I even allowed to share it here?)), it's the first time I have seen him do it. Suppose Anton is a bit shy 🤔
Anyway! Thought it was pretty cool to see him do this 😊

Time to focus braincells on wording things on paper, write on, guys and gals ❤️
Happy anniversary.
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Thank yooou 😊
I miss you lovely Nerds of Words.
Writers Block issues are fading, as I have the great honor of writing a biography.
This means I won't be around here, as my new work is in my native language. But naturally, I'll be back at some point, not getting rid of me that easy. =) You guys rock.

Now stop reading this nonsense, go into your inspirational places.



Longterm writers block.
Sigh.... 😐
In China, we say 加油. It means "fighting" or "you can do it".
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Made some minor adjustments...
 Fragmented Minds  (E)
Just putting it out there; Life with schizophrenia.
New stuff :D
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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Oh!!! Been a while...
Life has been treating me pretty decent lately. I hope all of you are well, inspired and busy smashing buttons. *Heart*
Fly me to the moon~ *Heart*
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