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I am planning something BIG and I need your help. I need your wonderful ideas.

What do you think would be the biggest plot twist of the century?
It was all fake.
formula:- Make readers to side track their concentration on other characters. Leave villain character to do some horrible stuff.
Biggest plot twist of the century: Severus Snape love lily potter
Have you ever been writing an emotional scene in your story and its SO emotional that you, as the author, start to cry as well?
Maybe on a handful of occasions.
*QuestionR*Question Of The Day:

Where are you now and what are you doing?
At home and was looking at the life of Truby King:Bank clerk, asylum superintendant and health reformer. Very interesting reading about his life.

Confirming homework for this week with to colleagues re- writing project.

I am now about to watch a movie I have seen before but liked it, so it's called Deep Water horizon.
have made roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms, courgettes and made some couscous with chicken stock for dinner.
All set to enjoy.

You asked *Smirk**Hand*
Alexi quill
I FINALLY finished this chapter. I can't believe it took me over two weeks to complete it! I swear thought that this was chapter twelve but I have two more chapters to do and all that will be left is to edit. Please check it out. It took me forever!

This is Hope (Chapter Eleven)  (ASR)
My eyes filled up with tears as I witnessed what was happening.
#2232850 by Neil Clair
I'm on the second to last chapter of a novel that I'm writing and, honestly, I want to finish it really badly, but I'm just not in the mood. I hate myself for that. I could be doing something really good and when I'm halfway or almost finished, I totally give up. But I promised myself that I'm going to finish and publish this book...just, not today *RollEyes*
It happens to us all. I tend to drag my heels when I don't get to smash action figures together.
Those last chapters you want to really be amazing. It's the very last thing your reader will see of your book. Don't try to write it tired and frustrated. Take a break, come back when you feel refreshed. Who knows, maybe the 'boys in the basement' will throw out some new material you didn't think of before.
Dont worry. You will finish it soon
It is fascinating to me at how a group of words has the power to make one's understanding of the world completely turn around. For example, you can change a person's life with just three words. What would those words be?
Your dreams matter
You are enough.
Can I help?
Hello everyone! I want you all to check out this newbie:

Penny Withers

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Welcome, Penny Withers!!!
You're so awesome!
Ahh you got your message out.
Hello, every one! I hope every single one of you is having an amazing day. You must be wondering why I am extra happy today. I am planning to tell my mother something very special but in order to do that, I must tell my fellow members on WDC first:

I am coming out of the closet as bisexual AND gender fluid!! *Party* *Party* I hope to tell her on October 11 (which is national coming out day) so wish me the best of luck!!
You'll do fine dude I have no doubt
Good luck with that! You have our absolute support!*Heart*
Good luck and you will be ok. You have all of our support.
I need your help stats! Which sentence is correct:

I turned on the flashlight and shined it on her


I turned on the flashlight and shone it on her

Help me please*Cry*