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Hello Writing.Com fellow members and admin. Nike Phoenix here. Sorry I haven't been on this platform for a really long time. Life has been hectic and yesterday was my 45th birthday. I am currently in college pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and English with a focus in Screenwriting so I might have that much time to write or post on here as much as I would like. I will try and get on here every day for at least a little bit while I am not doing any school work. Everyone keep their creative juices flowing as much as possible, I know its hard but we can do it!
Happy birthday and congratulations on the degree! Exciting!

Be sure to check out the Community Newsfeed when you get a chance, not just your Personal Newsfeed, the default when you click Newsfeed. *Wink* It has what everyone has posted, not just the people whose Plus Sign you have clicked once (to make them a favorite, which is private) or twice (to fan them, which they are notified of). When you go to your Personal Newsfeed, along the top, you'll see View the Community Newsfeed. Click that and a whole new world will open up. *Bigsmile* That's how I saw your post. *Wink*

Again, happy birthday and good luck with your degree plan! *4leaf*
Happy Birthday to you!

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Just curious, why are shows like CSI, NCIS, and Law and Order so popular. Is it because people are amazed by mystery and intrigue? Detectives are fascinating because they always catch the bad guy in my opinion.
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