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Happy 8th anniversary for (ahem) yesterday!!!
*Balloong* Happy 8th Anniversary! *Salute*
Here's to many more fun and fulfilling years ! Keep shining! *Star*
I am so late, but hope you had a great birthday on the 11th!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the wishes, dear. Travelled to my hometown. Relaxed, didi nothing :D
Happy WDC anniversary!!

Hope you have a great day!

Unfortunately, was really caught up in life for the last month or so. Much better now. Thanks for the wishes :)
I understand, we all have those times. I'm glad to hear you are doing better. You're welcome and have a great day! *Smile*
*Balloonb* Happy 7th WDC Anniversary wishes! *Delight**Wand* May yo have many more fullfilling and fun years here! *Starstruck*
People, I need a little help...*Music1*

The thing is that I absolutely adore Coldplay band. I love their song to bits, and I have devoured all of there songs be it the live version, Unplugged version or the real version.

Now, the problem is I need recommendation of a band which is similar in soul to them. I liked Imagine Dragons, Lifehouse to a certain extent but not much apart from them?

Any recommendations?
Yes! They're one of my all-time favourites. Chasing Cars... *Inlove* Crack The Shutters, What If This Storm Ends?, Chocolate, Grazed Knees, New York, Run
I don't follow or listen to all the songs by Coke Studio but here are the ones I know

Atif Aslam - Tajdar-e-Haram
There's also Tajdar-e-Haram version by Sabri.
Will listen for sure. I like Atif Aslam!
How apt that I am reading a story titled "The Empty House", on this day after the GOT! *Facepalm* *Laugh*
Oi, it has been so long! Aap kese hain? *Bigsmile*
Sab khairiyat se hai *Heart*
How was GOT this time, dear? I seriously missed the fun of interactive...
Bohat khushi hoi ye sun kar, bhabhi and child kese hain? *Heart* *Bigsmile*

It was nice, different from last time but for me, the last one was more fun than this year's, I missed the interactives and how we made up stories, putting up chapters one after the other! *Bigsmile* You were awesome!
Hey People. First of all a big big thanks for the lovely wishes on my birthday. I really missed this place a lot. But I kind of had to since I was blessed with a little Night-Sleep Dacoit, this 8th March. Mother and child are doing fantastic :)
That's awesome Kanish! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Aw, congratulations! *Delight*
Congratulations!!!!!!! That's awesome news, and glad to hear that everyone is doing well *BigSmile*
Damn it, my math skills *Cry* Please somebody get me out of this damp, smelly dungeon. God, I want a bone so bad that I am turning into a dog. Or was I always a Dog. Quick get a bone for me "LUCKY BONES GAME 2019 - Now Closed
Aw, you are such a sweet*Heart*
GOT was so mean - it left me stranded at 298 reviews.Huh *Laugh*