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Thanks to that someone special, kind and observant who nominated my poem. And I don't write poems~!!

"I am not a Victim

Signature for nominees of the 2019 Quill Awards

There's still time to nominate someone. Noms close at the end of January 2020.

2019 Nomination Form for Quill Awards  (E)
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#2145930 by Elle
Lilli Thanks. *Smile* You have items nominated for Quills as well, don't you?

jdennis Is this the link to one chapter? "A Mind for Sale - Chapter 2 I didn't see a short story. I tried to read the chapter, but the font was too small. Even when I squinted. *Pthb*
Nixie -- you may have accidentally changed your zoom settings for that page. The item is in the default size/font.

Northernwrites you're correct. The page looks fine now. Or maybe the author changed it. Either way, I'm good. *Smile*
Don't live in Florida if you're afraid of bugs or LIZARDS!

Good grief. Somehow a giant lizard (seriously as big as my finger) now lives with me. Fine. It entertained my cat for hours because she waited beside her litter box, where I presume the monstrosity ran.

The kicker? Today it was perched on top of the TP roller! I scooted it off, tried to get my cat's attention, but the dang thing ended up in my bedroom. How will I sleep now?

Did I mention my scream?
Thank you Nixie! I am glad to be in newsfeed.
A woodlouse is like a kind of grey beetle with a big body and tiny little legs. I mean they are only little, like a CM or something. They don't bite, they just look a bit creepy, I guess they get a bad press because they like damp conditions and so they are associated with damp, poor quality housing. When I was a kid there were always woodlice hanging out in the bathroom.....
Jellyfish Kinda cute-sounding, but

It still creeps me out. Bugs have the entire outside. I'm entitled to have my small space. Go away bugs.
I won a MB at

The Witch's Garden  (13+)
Halloween Handles 2019, Closed! See you next year!
#567890 by ŴebŴiɫch

If you see a spook-tackular username (not handle) nominate in the forum. Follow the rules!

Thanks Lilli for the nomination! *Bigsmile*

Me, too! *Bigsmile* And a huge thanks to Hannah ♫♥♫ for nominating my username!!! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Thank you for the plug, Nixie *Heart*
Anyone who puts on their Halloween Handle can be nominated. *Delight*

Happy 8th Anni!!

Darleen the QoD 🌙 Oh, Anni refers to anniversary, not my name. *Headbang* *Laugh*
Yes lol.
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 8TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, NIXIE! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*
I think you mean Angus, a.k.a. Angus.

Aw, so pretty, Angus What a festive message. Thank you! *Smile*
I have to share the thrill with everyone who knows me. (And anyone else who doesn't. lol)

Everyone who hangs around here is special and unique. I'm so lucky to have you. Thanks to all for my anniversary wishes. *Heartv*

Go, writing.com

And go . . . Nixie (Nuance was a delight to ride.)

All this glee on my anniversary. Gorgeous weather for Florida.

Yup, that's me, galloping through a river!
Happy anniversary my friend! *HeartT*
Thanks for remembering me on my anniversary day, Ken!
Happy WDC anniversary, Nix! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* Great to see you having such a wonderful time in the sun too. *Sun*
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy WDC Anniversary!! *Delight* *Heart*
Thanks for the anniversary congrats, Norb *Heartp*
Hannah ♫♥♫ It's been a long time for me, too. And this was my first time galloping. I didn't think, just went with it and had a blast. (I did get soaked, though.)
Again happy count anniversary and my best wishes!

♥ Have an awesome day! ♥