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A new entry. Please don't put any more in my mind. (I know you will) I included a few YouTube vintage commercials.

"Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...

"I need to forget vintage jingles

NOW maybe the songs will leave me and my brain alone. *Headbang*

I've been reading some sad personal stories on the Newsfeed. Here's a place, just in case you'd like to 'talk'.

Drop by anytime, no obligations. We're a small group, and all posts are confidential in our members only forum. *Heart*

The Grief Hostel Group   (18+)
Join an active support group in your time of need. We also celebrate victories over trauma
#1984506 by Nixie
Yes, it's a good time to reach out and share this group, Nixie. *Heart*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...:
         "No sand for a castle? NP
I'm happy and scared (because fear drives my car) to announce the opening of our member forum. Please email me if you'd like to join. Maybe you know someone who would benefit. Go ahead and ask them. *Bigsmile*

*Star* OOPS! Thanks to Thankful Sonali Iffy Internet for pointing out that the trinket can only be corrected by group members. I intended to let anyone who wanted it to collect it. *Headbang* Oh, well. If I didn't mess something up, I wouldn't be me. Apologies to everyone!

Here we go ~ click the image

The Grief Hostel Group   (18+)
Join an active support group in your time of need. We also celebrate victories over trauma
#1984506 by Nixie

Members, I emailed all of you, but here's the private forum link.

The Grief Hostel's Guests' Forum   (18+)
The grand opening is here!
#1984507 by Nixie
Elycia In my younger years, people always described me as cute. It drove me insane. Ach! I'm a pixie, now. *Laugh*
At least when they call you cute, they meant you are actually cute. When people call me cute, they do mean something else and it's not a compliment. *Laugh* Pixie is great! Pixies have magical powers!

I seriously doubt anyone calling you 'cute' is anything other than a compliment. *Heartb*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...:
         "Bugs love my sweet blood
Siamese saying thanks.

One day, only one day not logging on, and, wait, what? 24 emails. First thought, 'what'd I do wrong this time?' Yes, I'm working on eradicating my negative self-image and rising above my towering inferno of fear. Burned feet from miscalculation of height keeps me awake at night.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who responded to Schnujo's call out. *Heartv*

All those emails came with merit badges. Seriously, people. Today is a big step forward for me. Even though Jody paid for all the merit badges, and made them easy to send, my heart is filled with gratitude. Everyone could have ignored me, (oops, dim self-image) but instead chose to reward me.

*Right* Dear Jody,

Thank you for precipitating this event. *Shock2* *Bigsmile* Over and over, you create unique events that encourage community participation. I'm hardly the first to benefit from your generosity. Hold you head high, woman. *Salute*

Dear Lornda You're always so thoughtful. I'm sure Jody is happy to see your handle. *Bigsmile*

Thank you to everyone who shocked me and lifted my spirits. Maybe the flames *Fire* will be a bit lower today.

~Nixie *Heartv*
I do love that handle, Lornda! *Bigsmile* *Blush*

I hope that this has made a permanent positive impact on you, Nixie. I'm sorry for what you deal with, but know that I never noticed it and have always thought you were pretty awesome! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

And thank you to all my fans who helped make the event possible! Certainly, I can come up with all the fun ideas in the world, but if no one participates, it's all for nothing. *Sob* I have the best fans on WdC! *InLove2*
Here I am, again, this time with a ha-ha funny. In Florida, bugs are as common as people. I don't understand why they won't stay outside. I mean, they have all that room, and I only have my space.

Now's the time to laugh. I'm storing extra toilet paper on my screened in porch. I'm so afraid bugs got in there, I put the entire 6 pack roll in the freezer. *Rolling*
Same Ol' Sum1 Totally ick. I had no idea those bugs existed until I moved to Florida.
Thankful Sonali Iffy Internet No TP? I wonder how that works? Bidets? At least some tress are saved.
Same Ol' Sum1 No Jalapeno for me, thanks. And since I'm Vegan, it's a nix on the cheese, too. *Laugh*
Any exercise gurus out there? I can't find a definitive answer on Dr. Internet. The inside of my knee is experiencing acute pain. The cheap-o brace I bought isn't helping at all. Neither is any medicine relieving the pain. I want to continue my exercise routine because once broken it's almost an Olympic feat to get started again. All I can do is sit and do arm exercises. So, anyone know if more expensive compression braces help, or are okay to use when exercising?

I've read some of the 'sleeve' ones don't stay in place.

Sheese, that was long-winded. *Pthb*

Header image for group

*Up* You can click the image above to see the group.

Please email me Nixie if you'd like to join. *Heart*

I'm almost ready to open the 'members only' forum, but anyone can check out the group. Watch for more updates.
Gotta have a snack with that beverage. Something like some good Jalapeno Poppers, maybe bend the rules some and go for fruit and cheese even.
What about acupuncture? massage? Those have both worked for me in the past.
Queen NormaJean Hoppers R Bak! I'd be thrilled to try acupuncture. As of today, the pain is gone. YAY!
Okay. I promise that's it for today. Honest. I mean it. I mean, I think so. *Laugh*

I've added a new entry to my book, "Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...:
I've added a new entry to my book, "Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...:
         "Grief and accomplishment
I added a new entry to
Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...  (18+)
...and Characteristic Chatter. Includes various prompt blog entries.
#2248941 by Nixie

"Thunderous and Wondrous bipolar
animated fun.

I heard Same Ol' Sum1 is hosting a wild party in his portfolio. See you all there.

*Laugh* Just kidding. The party's already buzzing in his notebook. *Laugh*

Jim, you're one of a kind with a golden heart.
So, Fivesixer told me to never shut up. *Laugh* Here's me on the Newsfeed again. What's to become of me? Why have I turned chatty?

I've added a new entry to my book, "Days of Thunder. Waves of Wonder...:
         "Wondrous and horrendous
Keep on keepin' on!! *Heart*
Would you like to help your reviewer? A 3.5 size font and good spacing makes for an easier read. *Wink* Just sayin'.


I'm always grateful when someone sends gift points for a review I wrote. Or for whatever.

image thank you


If you really want to help your reviewer...if you think the review is good, send gp credits for the review itself.

You can do this by clicking on the review tab in their port. Click on the arrow down and choose how many gps to send.

It's one extra step, and maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. *Silent* Yes, Nixie, you should have shut up.

Who is familiar with the expression 'measure twice, cut once.'? I'm a cut once and then think twice. I'm trying to resist those knee-jerk actions. Pardon me if I've overstepped. It's another fault of mine.

I'm never going to shut up. I've been thinking about writing this note for months on end. Lately, I'm conquering fears. Okay, now I'm shutting up.


Nah, never shut up!
There you are Fivesixer I'd wondered what happened to you. *Heartb*
I was wondering what happened to you too!! *Heart*
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