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Another Wonderland adventure full of nonsense.
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"WDC Rock 'n' Roll Music Challenge Group"   by Beacon-Light Forever

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I'm shaken to the core. Thank you, whoever nominated this poem that is dedicated to my dad.

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ocean of blood ~ so many died. ~Quill nominee
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"G. what do you want for Christmas?" (My daughter asking my 12 year old grandson.)

"Nothing," G. replies. "Oh, let's donate to the cat shelter."

Five minutes later G. asks ~ "Can I have some sweatpants that don't fall off me?"


My slender grandson is one special kid. *Heart*

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my sons were tall and skinny. I'd get pants that were long enough and then have to sew elastic across the back, inside of course, so it would gather the waist but no one could tell they didn't come that way.
I'm going over to my friends, daughter's house for Christmas and I asked if they would be opening presents there as well (because I thought I'd bring the present my brother sent to me and open it there since they're the family I have here). Anyway, she said they would be but the presents wouldn't be big because she didn't have much money. Of course, I let her know that for me the best present was being with her and her family for Christmas.
My friends since college, early 80’s, are moving away. I missed Christmas there last year because I had covid, but this year it’s on Christmas eve. A white elephant exchange and goodies. So I’m still looking for the exchange gift. I’ll be baking goodies that’s for sure!
I will sorely miss them. Thirty-five years plus, and now not. You are so fortunate to have friends close by.
We're all family. And we're kind. In this mess of December 2020, send a smile to a friend, or even a stranger! Reasonable prices and various packages. You can even gift yourself. *Shock2*

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