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Just here to wish everyone a Happy, crazy, fun New Year - and to never forget your friends.

"So here is a hand my trusted friend,
And give me a hand of thine.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet,
For Auld lang Syne."

Hi there!

I see you're a member of the Angel Army Patrol so I'm dropping by to celebrate The WDC Angel Army 's 10th Anniversary with you!

May your halo shine bright
As you flit round this site
Spreading cheer and delight
To us all, day and night! *Angelic*

Writing.com - Thanks for the wonderful Christmas card! I love this place!

- Nancy
I did win FIRST PLACE in the first ever contest I have ever entered on this site. (after only..like being here 7 years..)

It was for the "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest. It's a contest for free-verse poems. I stumbled on that group last month so I figured..what could it hurt.

!st Place, an Awardiacan and a special merit Badge is pretty darn cool. You might check it out. No prompts or rules really. Sure made me smile.
Well...I'm actually searching for my note pad on here. Can anybody direct me to that thingy? +Need to jot down two sentences. Ways up late and sorry sentences are running on..on top of each other. dam.
*Partyhatp* Happy WDC birthday! *Partyhatp*
I went to Amazon, searched for "Slammed" and it has a over 1,000 ratings/reviews. 1,000 of the ratings given were 5 stars! If you haven't heard this news, go to Amazon and pull up the book.. of course, I have no clue what happens next but of course there is some thing that's going to come up that's going to shock their love and themselves. The author (who has never written anything in her life, stated she searched everywhere for a book which had SLAM poetry as a focus or even as a side note. I guess big publishers wanted to sign her up, but she says she 's only going to write E-books for on-line sales. Really interesting story. Lived in Texas, no heat, water etc. Now she is thrilled she has a small apartment. Believe she's in her 20's. Talk about a "I'll do it MY way" approach, with no training, no rejection slips, no standard publishing world manners or adherence to tradition. WOW.!
Hello gang. I was cruising around sites and a Texas newspaper had an article about a lady (retired 30 year Social Worker) who wrote an E-Book in only one month and self-published it onto Amazon. Even after the free week of no charge, this book skyrocketed to the best Seller List. It is titled, "Slammed" written by (last name) Hoover. That unexpected popularity happened last year. Since then she has written two more E-books. It is a YA book (guess that is the new term for the Hot trend of writing for Young Adults in their 20's.
Greetings to a fellow Brainstormer. Happy Writing! Megan

This was a beautiful day in California. Ocean breeze, writing, poems, reflecting on the opportunity we all have here to express on all topics, new crises, and the old trepelation of the writuing process.. Social Media is uniting with us and we each can do a good deed. Write posters, lend support to progems which ned help: Food share, Wall street, poems/editorial nevr cruel yet joning forces to speard the word over 600 billion folks nd creating our each unique ways to help. Tutor. LE'S ALLCOUNT.
Hello: Wishing you a good week and happy writing. I am a member of Brainstormers, too. Megan

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I discovered that I celebrated my seventh year at Wdc. Thanks to StoryMaster who e-mailed me and who keeps track of those events. It doesn't seem like seven years have passed. Wow! *BalloonP*
Congrats, Jersey!
My birthday snuck up on me yesterday. But I'll say it was one of the happiest days this year. Thanks to all who celebrated with me. Old friends and new friends, via Facebook, posted sweet greetings and kind wishes. And StoryMaster was so kind to remember my day. Right now I'm going to the family gathering. They told me I had to wait until tonight to celebrate. "That's what you get for having a December birthday - crammed between Christmas Day and New Years Eve!" Aren't they so kind? *Smile*
Glad you had such a day