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I submitted my manuscript for a children's book to a publishing house and they have accepted my manuscript!!!

I still have to talk a bit more about details with them,
but I have my first successful attempt with a publisher!!!

That's all for now!

Schnujo--Spending hrs here Thanks for the advice (btw, I am cold too. It started snowing here today.)

I retain all rights for my book, so if I want to republish, I can. It is only a two year contract and either way, I own it all, even the ISBN number. As for printing, I will have to look into that and see what happens.

I am going to do my research, but it is a Christian publishing house so I am hoping that will help. Maybe not, but we will see.
Awesome! Your contract already sounds better than theirs! Well done! Good luck!! And congratulations!!!
*Laugh* Well, I don't know what they got, but I hope mine is as good (or better) as it sounds...
Just submitted my final research paper for my third semester of grad school. Three more to go. Now I am going to sleep until noon tomorrow. *Laugh*
I know. It’s so sad... but I have a month off so I can momentarily sleep. 😂
CONGRATULATIONS! I know it's been hard, but you're half way there! You can do it! *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*
Thanks, Schnujo--Spending hrs here . It has been exceptionally tough, but you're right, I am halfway there and I can take a break for a month now. Just 3 more semesters to go!
I DID IT!!! 50,149 and I am stopping here! I will keep going with the story in January when I start edits and re-writes. Still don't have an ending so I still have motivation to keep writing!!!
Thank you!!! Now I can sleep because it is after midnight! *Rolling*

Congrats Amanda
It's Friday night, my space bar is sticking, and I am less than 5,000 away from winning NaNoWriMo! LET'S WRITE!!!!
That really sucks about your space bar, but you got this! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
*Laugh* Schnujo--Spending hrs here Check out my most recent post!
I just saw it! THAT IS AWESOME!!! YAY!!!
Learned something AMAZING!!!
Book Depository delivers books to China!!!

Book Depository, where have you been the last 5 years of my life?!

Also, I am probably going to be broke now... *Rolling*
Thanks, you anonymous prankster for distracting me from NoNaWriMo...

Time to get back to work!

Another late night staying up until after midnight trying to finish a grad school assignment before it's due.

Though I cannot discourage anyone from going back to school or going on to grad school, I can honestly say, as a teacher, you better be fully committed to it.

Also, I know the importance of feeding oneself and family, but working full-time and even just doing grad school part time... nope... can't recommend it at all. I'm halfway there... I hope I can survive until December 2020.

On the bright side, I finished it on Saturday night (because I can't really do school work during the week unless it must be done by Thursday or Friday) so I can just focus on writing for NaNoWriMo on Sunday afternoon and evening! *BigSmile* Hopefully, I can catch up and be finished before the next research paper is due the first week of December.
*Think* I just realized that the last week of November is a slow week in my grad school class. There is only one assignment that must be turned in and in the class, the reading might as well be optional because we don't use it for anything.

I wonder if my professor knew that was the last week of NaNoWriMo and that some of us would be rushing to catch up in time to win so he made it an easier week? *Think* It is a writing program after all.

Either way, THANK YOU! I just need to finish the big assignment for this week and I am off to catch up on my NaNoWriMo word count!
Weekend Writing Goals:
To catch up on NaNoWriMo:
10K words
To finish grad school assignments:
1500-2000 words
Time to do nothing but write
12,000 words in 2 days!
(With a cold...)
Cubby~On the Road Again!🎵 I haven't done it yet! *Laugh* But I am off to a decent start. I ave only been up for about an hour and a half (it is Saturday morning in China) and I have already eaten breakfast and written 1,400 words. I will do a few more sprints this morning before taking a break in the afternoon to work on grad school.
Whoops! *Bigsmile* I guess I was looking ahead. *Laugh* Well, anyway, best of luck! I'm sure you'll do great!
Thanks! About to sprint again! Hopping to break 22K before lunch! Happy writing this weekend!