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Happy Friday Eve from the little library!

Yesterday was a busy but good day.

This morning I sat outside for a bit and listened to the birds, watched two grey hawks, and numerous butterflies. My little flower patch is hopping with blooms. It's nice to just sit out and relax before starting my day.

Just wanted to check in. How are y'all doing?

Have a wondermous day!

Happy Wednesday from the little library!

It's been fairly busy today.

So remember the dead scorpion yesterday and no water at home? It was just a quirky day.
When I was leaving work, I was standing right on the threshold and my boss was standing just outside. She looks to the left of me and says, "Is that a tarantula?" Oh, hell no! I looked, it was, and I got away from it. I HATE Tarantulas!

I told it that it had better be gone in the morning. It was.

And to top off my weird day I received my rent email. It's for $666.81.

I give!

It wasn't a bad day just a weird one.

Oh, and the water? Apparently my neighbor had water issues and didn't realize that one of the turn off is to my place.
I had water this morning. How wonderful my shower felt!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

Happy Tuesday from the little library!

I got the dog sitting gig. Was there any doubt? When I went over to the people's house, she was waiting at the back gate with the dogs. They were barking as dogs will. She told me to come into the yard and let them smell me. Before she could open the gate, they both shoved their noses through the bars. I put a hand out to each with a "Hi babies!" It was all good. They are sweet dogs.
I met her husband. He's nice. She made tacos and we talked for a few hours. I was at complete ease. That's rare for me.

Today is a typical Monday/Tuesday. No water at the house so no shower. I have on a Dallas Stars cap to cover my yucky hair.
While I was vacuuming I came across a scorpion! Ah hell no! I made my boss go see if it was dead. It was so I vacuumed its creepy butt up. *shiver*

For anyone who is of a praying nature, my neighbor could sure use some. He's in the hospital with septic shock. His wife has been keeping everyone updated on Facebook. They are wonderful people and have been good neighbors to me.

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

Big ol' *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
What a coincidence - I'm wearing my Florida Panthers hat! *Rolling*

PS: It feels like Monday here, too!
Ah the joys of living in Texas! We've found two baby scorpions in our apartment so I've let the manager know I'm expecting the bug guy ASAP! Congratulations on the dog gig💚💙💜💛
A memory of Arkansas... my cousin had a nest of scorpions.

No water? I have to shower at least twice a day here!

I wish I had someone to chat with. I'm very isolated here.
Happy Friday from the little library!

It's rather hot in my part of Texas so I didn't get to spend as much time outside in my new chair.

A nice, quiet weekend is planned. I'm going to meet a pair of German Shepherds that I may be sitting. It all depends of the dogs. The wife, one of our patrons, is making tacos! I also get to meet the hubs.
Other than that, I'm hanging with my two dogs, watching TV, sitting in my chair. Exciting stuff like that.*Laugh*

Have a gorgeous weekend y'all!

Happy Friday Eve from the little library!

I did get my chair set up yesterday when I got home. *Smile* This morning, I sat in it and read for a few hours before work. I like it! It has a canopy and a little side table. The weather was pretty (except for those crazy cottonwood tree fuzzies). A pickup drove by a couple of times while I was there. I'm guessing the park manager? I waved both times and he just stared at me. The first time he stopped behind my car then just eased down the road. Creepy!

I still feel ick and will for a few more days. As long as I'm sitting fairly still I'm okay.

Oh and the book I'm reading...I caught a glaring error. The power had gone out during a storm, the character thought someone was in her home and called the law. She was on the cell phone with her sister, while waiting. When the cops arrive she hears the doorbell. Um, wouldn't the power to the doorbell be out? She doesn't have any kind of security system. Hmmm...

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

Great catch with the doorbell! Lol

I'm glad you got your chair set up and like it. That park manager did sound creepy, but maybe he was checking out your chair. Hahaha
And will you do this again today? Oscar Wilde had this thing about comma in, comma out... that kinda day?

Comma, comma, comma, chameleon, I take you out, I put you in ... again.

Happy Wednesday from the little library!

Another day of "training." Yesterday, no sound. Today I can barely hear them. It's frustrating and no matter how many of us let them know, they ignore us and plow on. Okay, I'm technically here.

I started to set up my zero gravity chair (Kåre Enga 🇹🇭 Udon Thani it's kind of a recliner). Between the bulky chair and the humidity I got too hot...to the point that I felt I was going to be sick. So, I had to get inside under the a/c. It's still halfway done. I feel like crap and will for a few days. The warm library doesn't help. I'll be okay though. I'm here til 5 today but I get off at 3 the next 2 days. I want to get it set up so I can drink my morning coffee and afternoon tea outside and enjoy the day.

Wishing y'all a beautiful day!

Coffee cups up! *CoffeeP*

Take care of yourself! You aren't joking about the warm library not helping. Heat injuries are cumulative for up to a few days. Getting overheated one day can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion/stroke the next day or two after that. Take care of yourself! *Care*
Schnujo I had heat exhaustion at both the 1987 and 88 Texxxas Jamms. I've been susceptible ever since. I've got extra water here at work and will take it easy. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Oh, yeah! I totally forgot how if you become a full heat casualty, it can mess up your heat tolerance for life. *Frown*
Happy Tuesday from the little library!

I had a wonderful weekend spent with my family of friends. Any time spent with those we care about is good for the soul.

I have my new plants planted and so far everyone is alive. We had a nice rain shower this morning so they were happy. More rain tonight and tomorrow.
I ordered one of those zero gravity chairs with a canopy. It will be here today. Now I'll have a nice place to sit, enjoy the flowers, and read. Of course this means that the neighbors can actually talk to me. *Shock2* *Laugh*

Signups for summer reading begin today and the actual program begins next week. Kids! So Many kids!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

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Zero gravity = it floats like a magic carpet?
Happy Friday from the little library!

It's not been a bad week, it's had good moments.

The Dallas Stars are in the Western Conference Finals. *Hockey* *HockeyPuck*

I don't think I mentioned that one of my pet sitting gigs was cancelled last minute. The husband got sick that morning. The wife, who is a longtime friend, felt so bad. She bought me a nice pot and planted it with geraniums and another flower that I can't remember. It's SO pretty!
I had already bought two pots and I have a large vase that was once a fountain that I got from a neighbor in Oklahoma. So...This morning I bought a small pot that will ft in the top of the tall vase, two marigolds and a lavender.
Well see if I can keep it all alive!

I'm going to a graduation dinner for one of my best friend's grandsons this weekend. I love spending time with my family of friends!

The one (big) issue this week is that once again the little library will have no air conditioning. I'm very angry about this. The note was called in on the property and they elected to use the savings. They just shrug it off. They don't have to stew in the heat. If I can get enough pet sitting lined up, I'm taking the summer off. The board can come in and help with summer reading. Yep, I have an attitude right now.

Anyway, today will be a good day!*Cool*

Have a gorgeous day and weekend y'all!


Happy Tuesday from the little library!

Well, I thought I had training today. I don't, it's next week. This means I'm at work an hour early! *Shock2*

My early weekend was awesome! Bret Michaels (of course) was amazing! We had breakfast the next morning with one of my sister's coworkers. Oh, I did meet her coworkers when I first got to town, wonderful ladies one and all. The rest of Friday, my sis and I just hung out. I was back home by Saturday afternoon.

I called my car loan folks and actually got a helpful, nice rep. I refinanced which brings my payment down nearly $100. I am relieved and I still have my little Kia.

It's going to be a great day here in my little corner of the world!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

Coffee cups up! *CoffeeP*

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It does sound like you got some rest and relaxation... and relief. *Smile*
Happy Friday Eve from the little library!

First, thank you SO much for the sweet birthday wishes! Each one meant a lot. *HeartP* I spent the weekend with my best friend and her hubby.

I haven't been around much. I've been stressing big time. I'm behind on car payments and they are threatening to repossess it on Tuesday. I have an application in to my bank for a loan. Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Part 2 of my birthday is tonight. My sister has tickets for us to see Bret Michaels in concert! Seventh row! I'm so excited!

I just wanted to check in.

Have a gorgeous day y'all!


Warmest wishes for a happy belated birthday!
I hope you had a great one and I
wish you all the best in the coming year!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Giftt* *Balloonp* *Giftt* *Balloonp**Giftt*
Happy Birthday to you!

*BalloonB* *PartyHatB* *BalloonG* *ConfettiG* *BalloonO* *Party* *BalloonB* *ConfettiB* *BalloonP* *CakeB* *ConfettiO* *BalloonB* *Party* *BalloonR* *ConfettiR* *BalloonV*
Happy birthday, Nikola! Library on!
Happy birthday!

Celebrate like nobody's business!

Happy birthday.
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