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Hi y'all!

It's been a long time since I've written anything! *Shock*
I've commited myself to getting back at it. I didn't realize how much I miss it.

My Christmas gift to myself this year is to extend my shiny Premium upgrade. I sit with two great dogs when their Mama travels out of town. I'm hoping to do that enough to buy my upgrade. I look forward to spending much more time here at Writing.Com! I have old friends to catch up with and new friends to make!

Yes, please do. I'm still here but with a different blog,
Porthole  (18+)
A terminal for all blogs coming in or going out. A view into my life.
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. I still post in other old blogs as well. I've been writing more flash fiction,
Flash Fiction  (GC)
Short 300 word, more or less, "stories" .
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Happy birthday! *Donut3* *Cake2* *Choco*
*Cake* Happy Birthday *Cake*
Happy 15th WDC Anniversary! *PartyHatB* *GiftB*
Hey Nikola, Happy fifteenth anniversary! *BookStack3*
Happy Anniversary.
*GiftT* Happy birthday, Nikola! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day!
Happy birthday to you, dear Nikola. It's not the years in your life its the life in your years.
*Cake* Happy Birthday *Cake*

*BurstB* Happy Anniversary *BurstB*
Anyone who would like to add me as a buddy on the NaNo site, I'm under Nikki Marshall.
I found 3. Which one are you?
Hmmmm. I'm in Texas and my novel title is Trailer For Rent. Hope that helps.
Yup, that helps.
Hello! Welcome to NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Yellow team! I'm excited to be writing with you this year *Heart*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Speak Life: