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Valentine's Day Event

The 14th is coming up, and if you saw my old post, you know you'll get 1000 gp for each sexual chapter you write for the day. It goes from 12:00 AM est to 11:59 PM est. The event starts roughly an hour from posting this message.
Valentine's Day Event

Valentine's day is coming, which means it's time for another one of my events. Anyone that writes nsfw content among my stories shall be gifted 1000 gp per chapter
Pint Puncher Commissions

If you know me, you probably know of my Pint Puncher series. You probably also know that I do commissions. As such, I feel I should offer commissions on that series. These can be stories of the baddies dominating the poor hero, or you can have me have them dominate some other poor boy.

$5 per 1k word

It's been a little while, but I'd like to open up commissions over here. They're $5 per 1k words.


Hello friends. I felt like after long enough that I should set up a discord for myself. So, if you'd like to join, feel free to use that link.

First, though, I'm only accepting those that are older than 18
Hippo Week

Because I started the event a little late last week, the event's still going on. It'll be until the end of Tuesday (my time). So, that'll be in about 31 hours. You'll still receive 1000 gp for each hippo chapter you get.
Hippo Week

So, it's come to my attention that it's Hippo Week. Well, how convenient for me! For the duration of the week (9/17 to 9/24), I will offer 1000 gp to whoever writes a chapter involving a hippo in one of my stories. From hippos in my Simba story to the likes of Helen and so much more!

Hey, I'm pretty open right now. I was wondering if my viewers might want to try an rp? Specifically, fans of Pint Puncher and my Simba story. Please rp me if you feel up to it.

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and et cetera! This is nobody495, and right now, I'm planning on possibly making more personalized stories for my audience. So, I hereby offer the chance to Commission. If you personally want a particular kind of story made, I will dedicate a portion of my time to make it. You want a story that takes place in any of my settings? Feel free to ask for it in a commission! Otherwise, feel free to ask for it!

Right now, I'm looking at possibly $5 for 1k words, $10 for 2k, etc. I will try to dedicate some of my time to make the story you wish. If you want to talk about a potential story you wish, please email me about it. Payment will be discussed after the story is written, though I'll provide updates on the wordcount as I type.

Please consider commissioning.
Cool idea! Good luck!
Happy 8/8!

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and et cetera! If you've been following, you'd know that I'm hosting a special event for 8/8. Those who write voracious chapters to my stories will receive 1000 gp, one for each chapter you add in the 24 hour time frame. And that time frame begins... now!
8/8 Event

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and et cetera! If you've watched me for a while, you'll know every year around this time, I celebrate vore day. On 8/8, I will offer 1000 gp to whoever writes voracious chapters to my stories. That's each chapter you write.
My email is back to not working on the site again (unless I'm mobile). Anything specific you have in mind?
Been a while since I saw anything in Pokémon or Smelly Adventure. Maybe some Gourgeist stuff? Not sure about Smelly Adventure though
Hmm. Ok. I'll take a look.
Glad to hear!
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! If you saw my recent journal, you'll know that I'm now hosting a gp giveaway event. Those that write a chapter in my stories that has something to do with rabbits or those dressed up like rabbits, you'll receive 1000 gp. That's 1000 gp for each chapter!