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Happy 14th WDC anniversary!
Happy birthday, Noelle! *Cake3*

Miss seeing you around these parts! *Hug1**Heart**Hug2*



Happy birthday, to my very first Rising Star! *Angelic*

See, I didn't forget about that.

Enjoy your special day, Noelle!


Happy 10th WDC Anniversary!



appy 9th WDC Anniversary, my very first Rising Star! May you enjoy many more years of creativity here.

Webbie *Witch*
*CandleB* *ConfettiBL* *GiftV* *ConfettiY* *CakeB* *ConfettiP* *BalloonY*
I just want to wish you an HAPPY ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY!
Already *BalloonGo* 8 *BalloonG* years at WDC, that's AWESOME!
*PartyHatG* *BurstR* *PartyHatv* *Burstb* *PartyHatr*

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*Smile* Thank you very much, Motivated Man! It was thoughtful of you to stop by!
You're welcome dear!
*Heart* I hope all is well in your part of the country, my very first Rising Star. *GreetL* It has been a while!
Happy WDC Anniversary, Noelle!!

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Thank you so much, Gigi!! *Bigsmile* It's lovely to hear from you! *Heart*
Congrats on your acceptance to VCFA! I finish my MFA in January... woo hoo!
HelloW~ *Bigsmile*
Thanks so much for the raffle tickets!!! *Bigsmile*
Don't mention it!*Bigsmile* Happy New Year!!!
Thank you Noelle for the raffle tickets! *Smile*
You're so welcome, Janice!*Heart*
Come, check out this new place for writers to go and share their success stories! It's the Grand Opening, and I'll be giving away 6 merit badges.*Smile*
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So, if you're recently published, a NaNo Winner, or placed in a writing contest, don't miss out -- it's your chance to brag!*Bigsmile*
OMG! Congrats, Gauntlet Champ!!!! Incredible job!
Mara!! I know, I can't believe it!! So thrilled! Thank you so much for your congrats, my friend!*Heart*
Yay! My first paying gig - XoXo Publishing has added my short story, "The Christmas Fortune," to be published in the eBook anthology entitled, Christmas Warmth, which will be released this November!

P.S. Shouting Out Many Merry Birthday Wishes to my AWESOME sister, NickiD89 !*Balloon2**Heart*
Thank you, Michelle! Great to hear from you. How've you been? My story is more for adult readers, although my children enjoyed it, too. *Smile* But this anthology does target adult readers. If I come across any children's Christmas collections looking for stories for 2012, I'll definitely pass them along to you~ Good luck!
I'm doing really good - there were some pretty rough spots this year but overall I can't complain! I appreciate you keeping me in mind. Can't wait to read it, sounds really awesome!
Aww, well, I am really glad things are looking up for you--I see on your handle you are engaged?! . . . that's awesome! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!
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