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*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 5TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, NORA! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*
I'm honored to have won the Just One Point of View contest this month
Just One Point of View Contest  (18+)
It's all about third person limited point of view
#1992580 by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈
for my short story
Decisions  (13+)
Miranda is grief-stricken when her husband is killed in a motorcycle accident
#2070372 by DollarDays is painting

I have tried hard since I started writing last year to SHOW and not TELL in my pieces. I think I am definitely improving thanks to all the encouragement I've received here at WDC.
New poetry--- a lament for lost November, written for the Cramp, this piece of fluff actually rhymes and has a bit of rhythm. I am almost proud. (Not quite though). *BigSmile*

 A Fine Whine  (E)
Where did the month of November go?
#2066037 by DollarDays is painting
 I Will Survive  (GC)
Cassie plans to escape an abusive relationship
Reviews appreciated!

I wrote this story for Songs Movies and More:
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#1473144 by Not Available.

Will read it tomorrow. Very tempted to now but judging is tomorrow lol
This is a FUN contest. Use the names of 20 disco songs in a story and win GPs! It will get your creative juices flowing.

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#1473144 by Not Available.
It is a fun contest, I've just entered for the second time in a row! Talk about doing some research and getting the Titles and rhythms to mesh....lots of work for my tired old brain....*Rolling*
Love that contest! I wrote two for it when it was first opened on here a long while back. If I have time I'd love to try it again.
A few newer pieces that have won the Writer's Cramp. I enjoy surprise endings! If you feel like reviewing I will be more than happy to review one of yours!
When Stars Fall  (13+)
Tabitha chases a falling star
#2052713 by DollarDays is painting

 Everything I Need to Know I Learned Here  (E)
Ms. Lang is ready to retire from teaching when a Facebook post opens her eyes
#2051148 by DollarDays is painting

 Is Love Blind?  (E)
Sierra's romances end in tragedy. Is this blind date doomed as well?
#2051020 by DollarDays is painting
Hey everyone-- Try this contest hosted by Andy- write a short story or poem based on a musical prompt! Prizes and fun!
Prompt Me Musically - ON HIATUS  (13+)
Write poems or stories inspired by song titles from musicals
#2022271 by Andy~2021 has to be better
A piece of flash fiction I wrote this morning. A serious tear jerker, but I like it:
 They Don't Know Jack  (13+)
One dog's life
Yes it is a serious tear jerker. Don't read it alone. My furry companion is snuggled in her blanket next to me.
Smiley needs another laugh!
"Note: [Image #2046533] Smiley Loves to Laugh Challen..."
One of my newer portraits, painted alla prima style:
 Painting My Way Through Life  (E)
I'll showcase a few paintings and describe the artist's thought process
DollarDays is painting EXCELLENT JOB, NORA ! *BurstR**Balloon1*
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PAL: ZombeeLuv
Mentor: Charlie 🌈
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Good luck in your upcoming review class! *Bigsmile*
 One Chance  (13+)
Jazz sees a chance to escape and goes for it. Written for the Cramp 3/31/15
#2036545 by DollarDays is painting
Happy to have won the Cramp again! :)