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A link to the contest would be useful, Norry.

Just sayin...
*Balloonb**Star*Happy first WDC anniversary! You have come a looong way in a short time. Congrats on leadership in LOH too! YOu rock! *Star*
*Crown* *ConfettiGR* Happy WDC Account Anniversary! *ConfettiB* *Delight*
It is the start of the Police state the thin edge of the 1984 wedge. Orwell was only inaccurate about the timing not the content. What the hell happened to "Innocent until proven guilty?" I get so angry at the continual erosion of our personal freedoms. "Viva la Revolucion!!!"
Hah! Edge, Kat is going to be good to work with, as for keeping her in line I like the fact that she doesn't do that so I'm not going to be much help there!
Thank you Norry for your good wishes. I was stunned when I logged in this morning and the feeling hasn't worn off yet! I've been e-mailing for the last hour or so. So many people to thank! *BigSmile*
Hey Norry, congratulations for getting second place in the CSFS co-author contest!

Port looks good Norry! Just stopped by to pick out a few goodies to R&R. Hope all is well in the Highlands!
Oh Good I suppose we'll ahve to use it to find out all the benefits
I've got to give theis a try to seehow it works! so let me know if it is interesting.
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It's freaking me out, but it is working!
*BalloonY*YAY! I just heard the news! You look great in yellow. It will be hard to hide in the shadows now!! I am so thrilled for you! *Delight* I can hear the howling all over the realm!
Hallo there! Great to see the shiny new case on you! Congratulations!
*Balloony* Congratulations on your promotion!
Hey fellow new yellow! Congrats!!
Hey Norry! Congrats on that shiny new coat of paint!! *Delight* Way to go!
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