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All the world's a crime scene and all the men and women merely suspects. They have their affectations and their alibis and one man in his time leaves many clues.

Wm. Shakespeare Holmes, Sherlock's younger and more theatrical brother
when a thought goes through my mind
it leaves a big hole.
I was going to confess to having updated my blog,
but then I thought better of it.
Too late.

Writings in the Sand  
I updated my blog.
It's just more sand through the hourglass.
Thoughts drifting out to sea.

No, it's not like that at all.

Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the deaths of rock stars

Writings in the Sand  

*CoffeeR* This morning would be the perfect time to make a second pot of coffee. Why, oh why did I ever get caught up in this "all things in moderation" nonsense? It's so extreme!
Oh, girl... on my second pot too. Lots to do today! Cheers! *CoffeeP* *Coffeev*
I updated my blog!!!! Sorry, it really isn't exciting. I wouldn't bother reading it. But you can if you insist.
Writings in the Sand  
A morning ballad to coffee - sung to Sounds of Silence.

Hello coffee, my old friend
I must rely on you again
Another day I must get through
With little sleep but much to do
And the clouds have opened up again
Still it rains
The sky it has no conscience.

(with apologies to Paul Simon)
I'd like to give this rendition five mugs! Bravo!

*CoffeeGr* *Coffeep* *Coffeev* *CoffeeR* *CoffeeB*

Five mugs are a lot, but I will drink them all! Java!
Did you ever have an absolutely brilliant idea flicker across your mind for a few seconds, then lose it to the hustle and bustle of life going on around you? I share my disappointment in a new item I just published.
An Idea Lost  (E)
The desperate but futile attempts to retrieve an idea that slipped away.
#2199978 by NordicNoir

If all is not lost, then where the heck is it?
Another morning. Another bleary-eyed stumble to the computer. Another medicinal gulp of coffee. It's all so samey... Perhaps tomorrow I will stumble to the coffee and gulp the computer... *Sleeping*
runoffscribe. I send my muse to meetings of the mind. I don't mind very well. It saves time.
I am the same, except with tea. Well, I live in the UK. *Laugh* Sometimes I tell myself that I'm going to be all spontaneous and shake things up but, somehow, that never happens. *Sleeping*
Kittiara, I can be spontaneous - if I'm given enough advance notice.
I was thinking about light last night. I opened my bedroom door to let the light from the hallway in, but even though the light spilled into the room, when I closed the door, it disappeared... Now, light travels at 186,000 miles per second and I am wondering "What's the rush?". I mean, where is it going? And, how does it know where to go?
At night, put these kinds of thoughts to bed and get some rest! LOL..... *Rolling*
In the dark??? *Shock2* Too scary.