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Hi NordicNoir, Mouse Code is a great story. I like your poem Requiem, too.
Thanks so much for the kind comments. It's good to be read. *Smile*
Yay! I see you can play around with an upgraded account! Even more fun! *Smile*
Yes. What a lovely surprise that was! Unfortunately, it's been so hot this week and I have not been well, so I haven't been able to truly explore the benefits of the upgrade. I hope to get back to full speed soon.
Sometimes, I want to type out loud
but these keyboards nowadays
so soft, so silent
I want to vent my spleen -
do they still say that?
Probably not. People used to employ those wonderfully visceral terms but now we are too delicate to bust a gut or spew our bile.
Only the heart is considered romantic, by those who have never held a real one.
Vent away! It'll do you good.
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*Delight* Welcome to WDC! You really got your flair out here. *Smile* Great to see you jump into reviewing too! *Salute* Enjoy!

I am enjoying your poetry! Will be back to review for sure. You might like to play at "The Poet's Place ! Meet some poets and learn some new forms for fun with no pressure. *Quill*

at "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
if you like to review.
Thank you for the warm welcome. I may come over and check out the Poet's Place. I write less poetry these days, but I may try to get back to it. It's a form of expression than can have great impact when done well. I just spent the morning writing a short fiction for a contest. I like the pressure of a Noon deadline. That sort of thing doesn't work with poetry, poetry is like a long labor and you never know if the child you give birth to is going to be successful in life.
I don't actually know what the notebook is for.
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/nordicnoir