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I saw this in a post on Facebook this morning. Hmm. Word choices and grammar are important.

"Early this morning, I drove a Doctor from India to the New Orleans airport."

I was surprised that you could now drive from India to New Orleans. *Smirk2*
Driving a doctor might be challenging especially if the doctor didn't cooperate. Where are the gears?
I like cooking my family and my pets.

Use commas. Don't be a psycho.

~ from a Writing.Com social media post
Wow - this day is flying by! Are you busily writing? Well, take some time to chuckle.
Hey all you OctoPreppers: check out this awesome post by Schnujo Boojo . "Prepping Resources"  
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There are also a lot of great things in there for folks not participating in NaNo. This is an attempt at aggregating all the resources posted in the NaNo forum this year. There are a LOT! TBH, if I'd known how many, I probably wouldn't have started this project. *Rolling*

But I'm hoping other folks will add to this so that once I'm caught up with the forum, it won't be much work to keep it going. So, folks, feel free to add reources to the comments!
Olivia🇺🇦's NaNo-Prepping is an OctoPrep participant. She has a great idea - organizing her assignments in book format.

Way to go Olivia!
NaNo Prep Challenge 2022  (18+)
Looking forward to NaNo - where Vince and Laura lay the foundation for... more?
#2281755 by Olivia🇺🇦's NaNo-Prepping
I've added a new entry to my book, "PORCH PONDERINGS:
         "Strange Night
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That would make for an interesting story!
It's Sunday, a bit chilly here in Montana. But it's almost October 1 and I know some of you are distracted. So here's a funny for today.
Shoot...I knew I forgot to do something... *Laugh*
And I thought the Army made things dummy-proof. *Laugh*
Makes sense. Perhaps the child wasn't preshrunk.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
4 cheerleaders  (E)
cheerleading picture

The cheering is going to start soon! Go Team!
I've added a new entry to my book, "PORCH PONDERINGS:
         "We Wrapped it Up
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I've added a new entry to my book, "PORCH PONDERINGS:
         "Weather is Changing
Happy Sunday! Although it's 9-11-22, and in the USA a solemn day to remember the past, we still need a funny. Seems times are tough all over.
I've added a new entry to my book, "PORCH PONDERINGS:
         "Green Light
Ah, another hot Sunday here. I'm participating the 22nd Masquerade contest as Garfield the cat. So, a funny for you today in honor of Garfield.
Greetings to all this Sunday! It's a bright sunny morning here. I found a good one today...
They taste good too.
They would go perfectly on a shelf a local store once labelled "Random Food On An Endcap". *Laugh*
I've added a new entry to my book, "PORCH PONDERINGS:
         "Getting Stronger
Good Sunday morning - bright sun here, no rain for days - but here's something funny I found.
The poor beagle probably wouldn't like that too much *Laugh*
This is so wrong. Everyone knows pastrami goes best on a great dane.
Glad to see you post. Feeling better? We had drops... was that yesterday? Who remembers. A good rain is overdue.
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