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         I just finished reading Jack Higgins . . . A Prayer for the Dead. Try it on, it might fit.

It's six o'clock on Monday morning here in the Philippines. I am awake and working on a new story.

         I have added a new item to my portfolio. " Man Who Loved Sweet Woman of the Night Comments welcomed.
How do you make an item unratable?
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         Got it! I figured it out

OT. Symbols used to send a merit badge needed.

To send a MB, left click the person's handle. A menu will appear and on the bottom right you'll see Badges. Click that. You'll now see all the badges they've recently received. To see more about a badge, click it and it will appear as a popup.

In the upper right corner of this page, you'll see Send Badges. Click that. You can search for a MB, if you know what you want to send, or just scroll to find the one you like. When you find the "right" MB, click it to select it. Then click the green Jump To Bottom button on the MB and it will take you to the bottom...eventually. Depending on your internet speed, getting all the MBs loaded and getting to the bottom can take some time. *Pthb* I often just scroll down as it can be faster for me. *FacePalm*

You will see the 2 boxes needed to send a MB. The smaller box says Recipient Username(s). Here you put the USERNAMES (NOT THE HANDLES) of the person (or people) you want to send this MB to. (If you send it to more than 1 person, it will be the exact same MB with the exact same words to everyone.) You see the username by mousing over their handle. Your USERNAME is notjackson, but your HANDLE is Jackson. Type in any usernames you want to add to the list with a comma and space between them, but don't use "and" before the last one. *Wink*

Now in the bigger box, type whatever message you want. You can include code, so you can make it different colors, larger font, add emojis, etc. *Delight*

Then click the yellow Continue to Confirmation Screen at the bottom. This next screen shows you who you are sending it to (to ensure there's not a typo if you typed in any usernames), the badge you chose, and what you wrote. If you need to edit, now's the last chance. Sometimes when you go to edit, you have to rechoose the MB. But I feel like sometimes you don't...or maybe it's just a change, you used to have to and now you don't? Whatever. You're smart. You can figure it out. *Bigsmile*

If you like what you see, confirm it. MBs normally cost 10k each, but you can send a free one every 30 days. Right now you can send a free one every day, which is what I suspect you are trying to do. *Bigsmile* And occasionally they're on sale for 5k. *Party* When you confirm the MB, you'll get an email and they'll get the MB, though it can take a bit for their CRs to update sometimes. *Wink*
Continued... *Laugh*

CRs are Community Recognition--the numbers by our name. If you see a red warning that you've recently sent a MB to that person, please either ask if they care about CRs or wait until later. You have to wait 14 days, to the minute, for the person to get a CR for a MB. I tend to wait 15 days to be safe. *Wink* If it say you've sent them one recently, it will show you the MB. You can click that (without losing your page) and it will pop up. Scroll to the bottom area of the MB info to see when you last sent a MB so you know when you can send another. *Bigsmile* You can still send a MB if you get a red warning, but many of us like to see the number by our name grow, so we will be disappointed if we don't get a CR for a MB. *Sob*

There are other ways to get to the MB sending screen such as Gift Points >> Merit Badges: Send.

Have fun and good luck! *4leaf*

Thank you so much, Schnujo.
          Wow! So upset, a story I have worked on for three months has lost half of its words. I guess, because the internet is slow today. I saved my edit and the next time I looked, a large portion of the story was missing. Oh well.

         It was on Wdc. Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it.

          You need to have a Premium level membership, I checked. I have Upgraded. Luckily, I read it and edited it so much, it's still in my memory. But I had it just the way I wanted it. I can replace it, but not with the exact same words. Hurry up, jackson! Start typing.
Check the Technical Support forum. Maybe you can buy the shortest Premium membership and it will still be able to recover your past work? *Fingerscrossed* It doesn't hurt to ask. *Bigsmile*

         A big thank you to The StoryMaster , for the third year anniversary MB and the gps. Aso to Annette , for the cute trinket. Thanks to intuey , for the wonderful review, and thanks to Sox and Sandals for the greetings.
Happy Anniversary!

          Thank you all. I appreciate your comments.😀
Happy anniversary
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Have you claimed your Achievement Merit Badges?  

         Thank you so much!
Happy anniversary
          Looked at my e-mail, thought I had a few reviews. Not. Six notebook notificationd stared me in the face. Lol.
Been there, done that. *Smile*
I only have 3% remaining in my email so I'm always happy when I don't have new emails. Lol
          I am reading John Grisham's: The Street Lawer today. Mister Grisham is one of the best.
I am sending my thanks to the person who gifted me with an upgraded membership. Thank you so much, now I have another memory.
I have seen a lot about the active and passive voices in writing. I think a mixture of the two voices makes a great sound. Just my opinion . . .
I think active tends to be the better option, but certainly I wouldn't say you can't have any passive in your writing. Just my opinion...

My writing tends to be a mix, but I'm working to reduce my use of passive. My overuse of passive was causing some flow issues as well as messy repetition of those good ole helping verbs. If you write it well with a mix and it sounds great to you, go with it. I've learned through some reviews that it hindered my writing. *Think*
I will post a new story in my port in a few days. It will be my first fiction story. Give it a read.
That's exciting! Congrats!
Fabulous! Good luck! Exciting! *Delight*
That is great! *Smile*
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