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I can only read I am unable to write.
Best way to become a better writer is to read good writing. And try, of course!
Nothing much in writing. I am readiing a lot.
Am struggling with the conclusion of a paper that I have to present. The title is Engaging Jainism with Modern Times.
I am trying to open my email because I havegot a notification about a comment. Somehow I can't seemto open my email.
I just heard a webinar about soulmates.
It was quite amusing.It really had substance and was not all fluff.
I need a cover page for the novella that I have written. Any suggestions as to how I should go about doing it?
Putting together whatever is needed for New Voices Fellowship programme by Asia Society.
I wish to quote readers for an article that i am writing for an emagazine.
The title is
How a good book is an endless source of inspiration.
Please email if you wish to be quoted.
How does one publish directly on kindle?
Have just uploaded a narrative called Aarya Sthulibhadra.
Good addition-organising certainly helps.
Do research papers have to be dry and scholarly?I think otherwise-have just posted mine.
am back after long.Trying to catch up..
Granddaughters at their Nani's so house peaceful. Also beautiful monsoon.So, why am I not writing.?
Am confined to bed after taking ozone treatment.Good time to read and think.
Have just done a course in Jainology.Learnt everything about our existence on earth.Fascinating! Will now write about it.
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