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My daughter made her first Nano with 57k! Woot!
That is AWESOME!!!
Great! Congratulations to her, and you too!
Um, it's rough being a newbie all over again. Can anyone please tell me how to edit an item I have posted? Thanks in advance.
Do you mean here in the newsfeed? Go to the little arrow thing at the top right side of your newsfeed note, click it and it has an option to edit. If you mean like a static item in your port, go to the item, then in the top right above your envelope is a gear. Click that and there's an edit option. Good luck and welcome back to WdC! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Thank you Schnujo. The second answer you gave did the trick.
Very glad I could help. *Bigsmile*
I went to look at my merit badges and many of them. are from "Non-existant member". I guess that I will become one of those some day. Hmm....
We all will one of these days...

But congratulations on the MBs. *Bigsmile* You were the one who said you'd been gone a while, right? Do you know about getting MBs for your achievements? Go to My Account on the left, then click Achievements. I think that's how you get them awarded. While you automatically earn them, I don't think they automatically appear until you go to look at them.
Hello my friends. I wonder if you remember me? It has been a few years, but I have recently come back to a desire to write from a different direction, that being in the form of a sermon that I gave in my church yesterday. I have posted it here (forgot how to do links) in my portfolio if you are interested. The title is "Thank you, Abba"

I hope that you all are well. I have missed you.
WELCOME BACK! You post a like with either {item:XXXXXX} or {bitem:XXXXXX}. *Smile*
New solar panel is on the way! Going from 40 watts to 100 watts might actually allow me to use my PC to write again! Woot!
The sun came out long enough that I was able to boot up the PC and copy the first part of my book to a USB drive. Now I can go to the library when they are open and start typing it in!
Wrote 15K words in the last 3 days on my novel in progress. Not having internet or computer access can be a good thing - all of those words were hand written the old fashioned way - with a pen and a notebook!
Cool! I love a good pen and paper!
Oh my! Anonymous gifted me an upgraded membership! I needed that :) I have tried to afford it but could not. Thank you very much, whomever you are!
I'm boiling down the last batch of maple syrup for the season. The Robins are back, as are many of the migratory birds, and the first crocus opened yesterday... It's finally spring!!! Whew... that was a very long cold winter.
Busy making home-made maple syrup....
Learning to make maple syrup from scratch - even with handmade taps whittled from sumac branches - What a cool process! (A LOT of work though, but it feels good)
I'd like to give you all coal for Christmas...
 Coal for Christmas  (E)
What does it mean to get coal for Christmas?
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