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Those of you who live in Europe and Australia will know that Ukraine won Eurovision last night. Well done.

You will also know that the winning country hosts next years contest. I have visions of performers in flack jackets on top of tanks.

I am absolutely NOT putting myself forward to represent UK next year.
Which is better, longish chapters showing several scenes, or one scene per chapter?
When I write I go until I run out of gas [words and ideas] for this first draft, who said anything about beer? Then When the time is right or left, [i find the right timing and have directions} I start doing some editing as needed. This is usually when I do what I can to put scenes together or take them apart {writing as in flying blind], but if I have ideas in notes or outline form, I have scenes figured out on a simple basis. Many times I will change scenes when I am changing the focus of the story and characters.nnIfnthis makes no sense to you, go to the bank and maybe you'll get some cents of my writing ideas that are locked in a secret void in outer space, or then again, ...do you really think I'll write to you about my hiding place? It's in the story.
I have not yet written anything much larger than a long short story, but as an omnivorous reader, I think a chapter with only one scene would stand out like a sore thumb. I think it should only be used to create a significant narrative break or pivot point in the story.
Jon Little (he/him) I think I did that in one of my books. Once.
For followers of The Chapter One contest, The Mermaid's Tail can now be found at
 The Mermaid's Tail  (18+)
A Rebecca Brookes novel
#2268163 by Odessa Molinari
I'm stuck for a title for this one. Read "Outline and give me your ideas. 9K gift points if I use your idea.
A phrase in the outline sticks out: "There's More To It"
Some sort of nursery rhyme metaphor? I think When the Bough Breaks has already been used ...
Hush Little Baby? I sang that to my child when they couldn't get to sleep.
My story is told.
Now I can rest,
At least for a few days,
Then I'll make it my best.

Now for the next one!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Dead Man Walking:
         "Chapter Forty
Working on chapter forty. The story is almost told.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Dead Man Walking:
         "Chapter Thirty Seven *
My story is almost told.

I just started reading this and, as usual, it is a delight! Smart, witty, irony dripping in just the right places ("Thirty years ago, but not now.") What else could I have expected from your third Rebecca Brookes detective novel, especially when it starts with, "Help me; I'm dead."

Can't help but be excited to read this; and worthy of any Awardicon that any one could offer.

I've added a new entry to my book, "Dead Man Walking:
         "Chapter Seven That's 8.5K towards my Nano target.
Happy birthday
in purple, of course

*Cake3* Happy Birthday and all the best to you in the year to come! *Cake3*
*PartyHatV* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Partyhatv*
Are there any chemists on here who can answer this question? What chemical(s) were used in the manufacture of plastic but are now banned?
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Daniel Craig has made his last Bond film. Who do you see as his successor?
I think it might be time for a Female Bond. Perhaps one of the many fine British Female Actors!
I'd quite like to see a female Bond too, but I hope the storyline can be an adventure with lots of humour thrown in - a good actress deserves a great story.
Florence Pugh. I loved the way she delivered her lines in Black Widow, especially her character's reaction when she tried to imitate Natasha's "posing". Give the actress a classic 007 schtick, and I believe she will deliver. And she already knows how to fly a helicopter!

Let's review: Pugh as Bond   *Rolling* — and a great backhand!
I have put my contest
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on hiatus for a while. I have had no entries for the last two months so maybe a break will bring people back later.
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A lot of monthly contests seem to struggle to get entries. I'm not sure whether it's a problem of too much choice or people just not being aware of what is around.
You still have time to enter
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