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The weather has been amazing, I love all the sunshine! My flowers are all up and open, looking beautiful in my front and side yards. My weekend was truly awesome. Went for a walk along the water with my man and my baby girl, watching her discover new things. I am so in love and loved! Life is great!
Another year gone, where does time go? Happy birthday to me! It has been an absolutely wonderful year in my life! I am so in Love! I have a new baby girl that is an absolute joy! I love sharing her life with the man I have loved for over half my life! I have a job that has flexible hours, pays me to write and the best boss I've ever had. I got a beautiful blanket and stain glass artwork in recognition for 7 years of service in a job I love!Just when I think things couldn't get any better, I wake up to a new day, in love and feeling loved! It is amazing! I am looking forward to see what this year brings! Now to finish getting ready for the start of the celebrations at noon! Have a great St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Looking forward to a busy, but amazing day today! The celebrations start in the Irish Pub at noon! Can't wait! Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone on Writing.com!
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Learning from past mistakes makes the future that much easier....

I am having trouble accessing it.... and I am wondering if others are having a hard time seeing it as well. Can someone let me know please?
ok so it's easy from this link, lol, I was having trouble opening it from the folder.
Fall is here! The leaves are starting to change to the beautiful colours of fall! I love this time of year! Mind you, there isn't a time of year I don't love, just time frames in them, such as continuous rain in spring, the humid, scalding days of summer, the ice storms and freezing rain of the winter and the..... Hmmm I can't thing of one for fall, any help out there?
Right now I am planning my Thanksgiving meal. I love family dinners and decorating for the event. I have my gourds and leaves out, the spice candles burning and piling the wood for the fires. The food planning is great! My poor children won't have a favourite food to look back on, I try new things each time. Sure, it's still turkey, but there are so many ways to do turkey and stuffing! The table setting is important too... I love decorating the table! On my hikes I pick up various pine cones and pine pieces to make it all back to nature. The smell is incredible! My glue gun gets quite the work out! I love making home-made crackers...not the ones you eat, but the ones you open before dinner starts, with the paper crowns and jokes and a little momentum for my guests to take home... A scratch pad, little pens, cute erasers... Just stuff from the dollar store. Plus I use tubes from the toilet paper that I decorate to hold them all. This year is a bit different as our family has split, after 19 Thanksgivings, this is the second in my own place. I was sad last year at the thought, but this year, I'm so excited! Everything is exactly how I want things. We have ours on the Sunday so the out of town people can travel back the next day.
Can't forget the volunteering and donations either, for those that are without. Everyone that comes brings a hat, or mittens or a scarf, then they go to the shelter when we volunteer on the Monday. Bring on the festivities and thankful hearts! To my fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving. To my US families, I'm keeping you in my prayers. You need it with your up-coming elections. Good luck and don't forget to vote! It matters!
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