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I have a rather newbie who needs help on when to start a new paragraph. Anyone out there know where I can send them here on WdC?
I just searched "paragraph" under "Any type" on WdC and found these resources.

I love the title of this 1st one. *Laugh* It's also only about writing paragraphs.
 How To Write A Good Paragraph  (E)
The structure and elements of a paragraph with examples to follow.
#927399 by Holly Abidi

This is a folder with a lot of writing resources, so they might find a lot of help in here.
 Writing About Writing  (E)
Articles about the writing process: from concept, to composing, to editing and publication
#981468 by a Sunflower in Texas

This one is about more than just a basic paragraph, but it looks good as well.
 Revising Paragraphs & Organization  (E)
Paragraphs, organization and outlines it explains it all with examples.
#927416 by Holly Abidi

This is a quick read about paragraphs, though not as comprehensive.
 Paragraphs; spacing and visibilty  (E)
Tutorial on quotation marks and spacing of paragraphs.
#866261 by afamwriter-PEN=MAGIC WAND

Those are what I found on the 1st page. If they need more, there are tons of other items I didn't browse through. *Wink* I hope this helps! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
How to Get 3 Stars on WDC  [E]
If you can get these things right you will get at least 3 stars from me every time.
by Tileira
Add a letter, take away a letter?

Something that is coming up as I work through multiple reviews, is spelling. Many countries spell words differently than in the United States. If you get a review back and it is marked up with spelling areas, that are not consistent with your part of this marvelous world, please know the reviewer is using their own frame of reference.

I have been able to pick up on some of the differences but my 71-year-old brain refuses to hold on to a lot of information.

Information in a review consists of suggestions. Your story may sound right to your ear, but not to someone else. Go with what sounds right to you. In writing a story there is no right way to say something, it just needs to be your way.
I don't mind reviewers who suggest American English spelling corrections, but I have had the odd reviewer in the past insist that I have to use American English *RollEyes* but that hasn't happened for quite some time.
WdC is a wonderful melting pot of people, cultures, and languages. *Heartp* There's so much we can learn from one another.
Starling, I tell English Lit majors that they critique literature while I create it. This attitude regarding proper language is still colonial in the sense that some groups are favored over others. James Joyce and Emily Dickinson were treated unkindly by people of their day, as was most any person-of-color. Those attitudes still hold sway in certain corners of Academia... but it's quite American to mock and put down others for something that isn't important, like the dress they wear or how they color their hair, even how they speak or express themselves. I would like to think that it's only young newbies who are uneducated or ignorant... but, alack, I'm your age and sadly it's common. *Sad*
I've done a lot of reviews. I try and keep a list of them. Is there anyway to tell if I've reviewed something before?
In your port look for the REVIEWS tab. That will show you all of the reviews you have done. You can scroll through to see what is there.
And when you get to an item you've reviewed before, when you get to the review box, it will already have the starred rating listed and have the option to "Clear Rating" or "View Your Review."

But I don't know a way to spot an unreviewed item without checking your reviews (as mentioned above) or scrolling to the bottom of the item, itself.
Mine usually have words, “Successfully reviewed on (date)” above the review window or box when I’ve already reviewed an item. 😃
Hello from the Positivity Panda!

Are you a Moderator or a Sr. Moderator and would like a free review? (Needed for Sept. Birthday contest). I don't do poetry but any genre is fine. Please email me with and let me know.
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I always welcome reviews. I will email you momentarily.
I have to review several Newbie. Where do I find a listing of who they are?
If you go to the "authors" page from the left-hand sidebar, you'll get a list of active authors. You can use the search tools to sort the results by newest account first.

You can also try checking "Noticing Newbies [13+] and "Writing.Com General Discussion [13+].
Go to the side bar under Community TAb: Read a Newbie! *Wink*
This is my favorite time of year. It gets my brain moving with all the possibilities everyone offers.
Happy Birthday, WdC.
Hello everyone,

Is everyone trying to get the last finishing touches in on their contest entries for this month? I have 4 completed, not sure if I will try and sneak another one in.

I hope everyone's August went well.

Best of luck with all your entries! *Shamrock*
Finishing touches? I was just considering starting an entry last night...
16th of the month and I've entered 4 contests so far. Thinking of a couple of others but not sure.
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IMPRESSIVE! Well done and keep it up! *Party*
I think I want to start trying my hand at poetry. I have written some in the past for credits.

At the moment I have two written, but I have no idea if they could be considered poetry. Is anyone willing to help? I need help from people who are NOT judges in poetry contests, because getting assistance from them would not be fair.
Always provide links. Some of us are lazy. *Rolleyes*

This is your poetry folder with the two you wrote/edited recently: "Poetry?
I quickly read all 7. I'll critique them together in an email (when?). I don't normally do reviews as I come off as being too critical.
Starling, poetry has a great of freedom these days. Though I am personally drawn to the writing of form poetry with rhythm and rhyme, free verse creates a place, where anyone can be a poet.

Poetry seems to have more to do with the shaping of the words into verses, rather than sentences together in paragraphs of prose.

I have actually turned prose paragraphs into free verses by using the center justify feature wisely.

I’m here to help to the best of my ability. Let me know how. 😃
Hello Hello Hello

It's amazing how quiet this site is the last couple days of any given month.

Hope everyone's day is going great and your weekend is stellar.

Last couple days of any given month = I'm writing, editing, and reviewing in a mad-dash attempt to finish all of the things I was so sure I could get through by midnight on the last day of month (due dates). *Think*
Back from my daughters party to find Blog Bash is happening again. Starling want to Blog as part of
Mystery Pet Lovers Relay Blog 1  (E)
This blog is especially for the WDC Birthday Bash Blog Relay. Hope you enjoy.
#1806899 by Showering Dutchessbarbie.
? If so, we need one more. Any ideas?
Hello Friend

Just thought I would say hello.

Hope everyone has been able to complete this month's contest entries. I was able to chime in on most of mine early. This is a good thing since a wicked cold has decided to grab hold of me and hang on tight.

I can't promise, at the moment, to do quick reviews, but I'm open to helping if I can. If I've promised you a review, but haven't delivered please let me know. My mind is really fuddled at the moment.

Here's to a fantastic August.

Hope you feel better soon! *Hug1**Frown**Hug2*
A wicked cold? Are you (or were you) a New Englander?
Interesting questions in the Fantasy Newsletter.

Do you have a muse? Is there such a thing as a muse?

My answer to this question would be a firm yes. My muse doesn't always want to talk to me when I need him (yes it is him and I am her), but we have a good relationship. I always listen and have the option of agreeing or not. He is usually right so that makes the ties practical.

Does believing in a muse give a writer an excuse for writer's block?
I have used this excuse before. Most of the time it satisfies me allowing for goofing off.

Are you a morning, noon, or night person?
I don't have any special time to write. I will admit the noise level around the house needs to be almost none existent.

Are you a writer who takes jots down ideas in your smartphone's notepad? Nope. I use a regular pen and paper. I have been known to open a file I have titled, "Junk squiggles" but even it is not open all the time. I keep a notepad and pen beside my bed. Hopefully, when I wake up, I can make heads or tails on why I wrote something down. Notes like "ran under the house" and "no hopscotch wouldn't work" do not always wake up enough brain cells to let you know what your great novel prize-winning though meant.

Thanks for posting Snow In Writing Poetry.

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1. My Muse speaks to me all the time. Sometimes he's pushy...
2. I know better than to blame my Muse. They tuchy...
3. I live in silence. I write whenever. I'm an afternoon, evening person.
4. I carry a notepad and pen. I write directly here sometimes.
My latest entry into The Ultimate Trinket Adventure.
Ultimate Trinket Adventure [Mainland]  (E)
Collect treasures, complete tasks, and win the golden Apple..
#2267246 by GERVIC - catching up!

The Magical Floating Island Complete

"Ultimate Adventurers Group"
 Moon's Lesson  (E)
Short story for section 4 of The Ultimate Trinket Contest.
#2275780 by Starling

Review of "Surfer of the Skies"
Review of "The Fairy Truth "
Review of "A Faery's Adventure"
Review of "Early Enrollment"
Review of "The Magician's Touch"
Review of "Candy Coated Nightmare"

I've had a couple of people tell me they cant get into the reviews. Could I have a few people check for me please? We can't figure it out.
You must have marked them private or something you may have to re do them
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