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I just want to wish you an HAPPY ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY!
Already *BalloonGo* 3 *BalloonG* years at WDC, that's AWESOME!
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Please include the French Republic in your prayer because they are experiencing some bad situation for the moment!
May God help them overcome it!!!

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Hi and welcome to W.Com.

Just thought I'd be first to write in your notebook! *Smile*

Checkout "Let's help each other grow- Closed


*Star* Sisco. *Star*
hello everyone.i managed to make an attempt at a creepy pasta called Ledgend of the Gravekeeper.i hope everyone enjoys it.also im going to try to finish chapter one of my first actual script for an animated series i plan to eventually create.in the meantime please not that im just starting out,so bear with me.if anyone has adivce id be willing to hear it and reply.
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