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I wrote a short poem for the "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest Feel free to check it out. And for those of you who don't know me very well, I really am NOT a poet! But, I had a little fun with this one. " Still, I Flee
Did you know...

Today has (at least) 4 occasions going on nationally. They are:
Wed, Oct 6
National Coaches Day
National Coffee with a Cop Day
National German-American Day
And most importantly...
National Madhatters Day

Although, if you happen to be Lilli Munster ☕, you might think the second one on the list is the most important and a must-do! *Laugh* So...I was thinking... Wouldn't it be great if a bunch of us donated just a bit to her coffee fund today? I mean, there are a lot of officers out there standing in line to have a coffee with her! That might just get expensive for poor Lilli Munster ☕ I'll even get the coffee fund improvement act rolling... *Dollar* *Dollar* *Dollar* You can throw a few coins GPs in right here! "Lilli's Coffee Shop
You are too funny and such a sweetheart! Thank you for the plug! You are also correct that holiday about coffee takes priority! *Heartp* *Coffeev* I guess since it's German-American Day and I'm half German, I should have some strudel with my afternoon coffee. *Wink*
You are very welcome! Oh, yes...definitely some strudel, too!
A shared image for fun

Wow! Thank you anonymous! What a wonderful prank!
This must be my lucky day!

A shared image for fun

This may say I have been pranked...but the GPs I received is no joke! Thank you, so very much, whoever you are!
A shared image for fun

Thank you!!!
I am seriously being kept awake right now by music from Uncle Cracker being played live by the real deal right down the road from me...CRAZY!
Nah. He had the garage lightning but I had my first door open and he looked at me looking at him. Lol
That's pretty cool! Hey, free concert!
True, Lilli Munster ☕ And I didn't have to pay for overpriced drinks either. It was a bit echo-y, as the music made its way to my place, but it was still kind of cool. I keep telling myself that one day I need to go to the place that holds these concerts. I guess it's a blast, even when there are only local bands playing, but it's like $45 or something to just get in the place! it's called Gutter House and it's here in Pueblo West, co if anyone wants to google the place. Maybe I should google it too...I never have looked them up.
I honestly haven't been doing much reading or writing of any kind, aside from reading my emails and the newsfeed here. But...I have been playing with healthy recipe creations and getting back into doing some quilting and sewing, which I am enjoying.
Well...the physical ones HAD slowed down, but the big ole roll-away dumpster comes on Monday, and then some big-time physical work begins again...UGH! BUT...it needs to be done and it will. Both of my adult kids have stuff in my garage, and it will be going one way or the other. I'm tired of my garage being used by everyone except me. But it will be here for 15 days, so hopefully, it can be well-paced physical work. The distraction might just be good for me.
And doing Blog Relay...signing up for OctPrep?
No, Showering Dutchessbarbie. No NANO for me this year. But you are right, I did do the blog relay. And...I am still working on the bonus surprise for you, as the winner of the package you won that I donated. I have a lot going on, but am making progress! It won't be too much longer now.
Have you all seen...

"Note: The Great Merit Badge Race The Grumpy Le..."


If not you may be missing out!
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This week just keeps getting better and better. Happy trinket hunting to all.....
Much thanks, Anonymous! *Bigsmile*
Help! Can someone direct me to the forum that wants as many reviews done as possible (I think I saw they wanted to meet or surpass the 300 reviews given goal this month) and rewards folks for doing them, even when you are doing them for another reviewing group, please?!? I believe this month they are offering double rewards. Ring a bell at all with anyone? If so, can you please direct me to that forum? Thank you!

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#1565040 by I'm A GrueSum1
Yes! That's the one I was thinking of. Thank you very much, Northernwrites!

Anniversary Reviews  (E)
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
#1565040 by I'm A GrueSum1

Hey everyone...you really must check out the awesome offer! Be sure to collect the trinket at the bottom of the item you read and review, too!

"Note: I am giving out a merit badge to anyone who revi..."
Thanks for the owl C-Note and Gp's! You know who you are!

Wishing Jack-o'-Mike 🎺 a very happy birthday! I hope it is wonderful and filled with joy!

Happy birthday, Jack-o'-Mike 🎺 ! *Balloongo*
Happy Birthday!
Thank you all!
Hey...Did you all see this? Let's help out a fellow WDC'er!

"Note: Hey again. I have news [Link To User schnujo] ju..."
Awww thank you sooo sooo much
You're welcome!
So, I have a question for those of you who really know your way around WDC...
How does one see a list of those who have either fanned them, or items they have created? At times, I see our super generous Schnujo Cujo Misses Fangus post something or reward her fans, but try as I may, I don't know where to find this information.
Can someone assist me? Thank you.
Now, wait a minute! I swear I just used the tag huser. Did the goblins take the H away, or what? Let's try that again... Schnujo Cujo Misses Fangus.

And guess what? The annoying autocorrect goblin did take the H! I had to re-add it after the second bracket was typed. *Facepalm* Go figure, only me!
Patrece my autocorrect is always messing with me. It also likes to type a capital T on theirs
It makes me want to *Headbang*! I often use voice to text when texting and some of the "auto corrections" that has made had my daughter wondering if I was drunk, and some had her practically rolling on the floor laughing! Meanwhile I was growling at autocorrect and telling my daughter hers doesn't work so well either. *Laugh*.
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