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PHILLINE (Someone who never gave up.)

Pause for a while and you will see
Hundreds of her beautiful perfect keys.
In the indulgence of her pure soul,
Lingering like a sparkling dole.
Lured in the refinement of this glowing photographer,
Impersonating a goddess’ character.
Naive, but when comfortable she could be crazier. In
Empty pages, search hard and you will find her.
Nice acrostic, Paul!
Listening to the mellow music,
Quilting layers to understand the logic-
Of the struggles’ never ending traffic,
Very unpleasant and toxic.

Eavesdroppers are scattered everywhere,
They’ll judge you with the way they stare.
You, to other people they will compare,
Until their attitudes you cannot seem to bear.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/paulgrace