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I've just placed a new item in my portfolio:
Tangerine  (GC)
He was lost in her smile - then lost in her company
I don't know how this works. I accidentally liked my own entry. Nothing like ego, huh? Tried to delete my like and deleted the whole dang thing Sheesh. I'm illiterate.
Don't worry, penn, I've doe exactly the same thing myself. Technological literacy seems to be the preserve of the younger generation - but ask any of them if they've ever seen a dial phone and they'll look at you as if you're speaking a foreign language. *Wink*
*Blush* has happened to me too,
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Claire Does Erotica  (XGC)
Claire works for a publisher who needs her to take on some new work.

Folder level reviews are worth 5,000 gp's. Chapters are 500 each.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The Other Side of Maggie  (GC)
He's clueless and she hits him with shock treatment
I hope I got it right this time. *Smile*
I like this very much. Now I need to find time to review it. *Delight*
I figure I can say this now, since the WAPO had an embedded reporter and did a long article on the effort. My son is a SpecOp Warrior and just got back in the states. He's been in the African jungle where his small unit worked with the first ever cooperative effort of soldiers from 5 countries of the African Union. He and 6 fellow warriors led 60 troops in the hunt for very bad people. Successes we'll never read about. I wish I could write his story.
I've just finished editing a new contest entry item in my portfolio:
White Noise and Essential Oils  (GC)
An erotic massage
I wrote Coffee for the contest even though i have zero understanding of btiem read review
Cant get to post for the contest but I'm am writing to the prompt you posted withe the gun in Can you excite hope you'll check my portfolio
Happy Account Birthday! *Bigsmile*
Well beating you was something I am not sure I could do often, you are very talented!!!

You'll notice on my comment, I couldn't quite bring myself to say you beat me. *Smile*
And by the way, you write more than your share of winning material. Speaking of which, you need to find some contests for your poetry.
Hmmmm....thought I would stop by and leave a note on your book since I am finally finding my way around this site! *Smile*

I believe that you are going to be a favorite person of mine considering that I think you are a genius when it comes to writing and that I have not read a thing of yours that I didn't want to take to bed with me and ponder into the dark of the night... *hows that for a thought...keeping me up at night*

Anyway, happy to have met you...

This is a pretty flattering comment, ero - thank you so much for the kind words. It's pretty nice to have met you too - even if you did write a contest winner. *Wink*
Yes Dave, congrats.