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Thank you, "The WDC Angel Army!

I'm honoured *Heart*

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Congratulations! *Smile*

Have you all seen the new Genre Merit Badge? The StoryMistress has done the Women's category justice with a beautiful design.

Check it out!

A wonderful new addition!

An exciting development is underway...

Later this week. I'm just so excited I wanted to give you all a heads-up *Bigsmile*
I want to give your response an Angry emoji, but I shall refrain. Lol I'm dying to know! I hope you are coming to visit me! *Bigsmile* Kidding -- I know that's not it, though it I've awesome!!!
I know it's a maddening response, so now you can share in my impatience *Rolling* Sorry about that (not sorry) *Laugh*

And I agree, visiting would be awsome! Alas, that's not it. Who knows, though, maybe someday *Angelic*

Today, Zelenskyj spoke to the Norwegian Government. May the war end soon, and may the Ukrainian people once again prosper. Stay brave, Ukraine, Europe is proud and grateful *Heartb**Hearty*

"... hurry up and finish their dumb war."

Agreed *ThumbsUpL*
I think there's a generational and geographical and cutural split here.

My generation remembers WW2 through our parents who lived through it. Both the Ukranians and Russians suffered deeply in ways that non-Europeans did not.

My US generation demanded peace but didn't always understand that that was more than an end to war.

As for Norway... few wanted war, not WW1, not WW2... but they were invaded and their way of life upended for 4 years. Norwegians have not forgot.

Norway has interests in the Arctic, as do the Russians. The Far North shares a border and an indigenous culture, much like Canada/US, who do as well.

Norway is facing a serious potential threat on their border. The US specifically worries about gas prices but their schools and hospitals aren't being bombed. Neither are schools and hospitals in Russia, Hungary, Norway nor any other country outside of Ukraine.

When a potential threat becomes fleeing in fear for your life... the perspective shifts.
I'm so glad I'm getting thoughtful comments to this note, even if we're not all in agreement all the time. Reflected debate is appreciated and necessary.
Just read "Pink". I really liked it and immediately thought of Cecile Liv Moe from Tromsø. Pink is her favorite color and often the color of her hair. Ever been to the botanical gardens there where the peonies bloom pink in August? Could you write a poem weaving 'pink' and 'peace' together?
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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I like your suggestion, I might give it a try. I wasn't familiar with Cecilie Liv Moe, she seems like an interesting person with a good heart. I have been to Tromsø, but not the botanical gardens there. I'll be sure to visit them if I find myself in Tromsø again.
Hey! You there!

Here’s a Saturday challenge :

I'll give 5000 shiny, shiny gift points to the first five people who review a newbie!

Oh, and I'll give them as reviewing credit!

It has to be a new review, and at least 250 characters long (a requirement for any reviewing credits). Make it public, and let me know in a comment to this note.

Be nice, be supportive.

(If you're late to the party, do it anyway! You'll get good karma, and maybe I'll think of something nice for you too.)

Pssst.. You can find them in the menu to your left, try Community-->Read a Newbie

Thank you for participating, Steven (PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS!)! And thanks for the poetry recommendation, I'll check it out.

Fourth person rewarded *Check*
Review of "When I Open My Eyes"

 When I Open My Eyes  (E)
A Short Poem About World Peace.
#2269983 by JessTheMess
Thank you, Vaishali!

You are the fifth person to complete the challenge! *Check*

There are still GPs to be had! Check out my challenge from yesterday:

"Note: Hey! You there! [Embed dw36yjtOAtuSZyxEJ..."

Edit: Goal reached! Thank you to everyone who replied.

That's perfect, I'll have a look. Don't worry, you haven't done this one already!
There's still room for at least one more! Who wants 5000gps as review credit? Just review a newbie!
Done! *Bigsmile*


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Nifty, right?


Remember to check My Account-->Achievements once in a while.

You don't automatically get the Achievement Merit Badges without checking.

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YAY! Another person who will post tips from time to time! *Delight* I love it! *Heart*
Who wants this trinket? CLOSED

Send me an email (click the little envelope in PiriPica ) where you tell me your favourite thing about mathematics. Have the word Pi in your title.

Don't dawdle, I'll end this activity on a whim!


Thank you to everyone who have participated in the poll and discussion about the Women's MB!

The order has been placed, taking your feedback into consideration. That means no historical figure has been selected, so we're going for a more abstract approach.

I've given The StoryMistress a lot of leeway, so I'm excited to see the final result *Bigsmile*


And a special thanks to Richard ~ Mending Well!! and Rhymer Reisen for your support


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Thanks PiriPica for taking the initiative on this! I can't wait to see it!

buddhangela *Sheep*
Writing.Com Signature Image for Upgraded Registered Authors!

Only a day later than planned, here's the poll promised about the image for the new

*Star*Women's MB*Star*:

This is a follow up to the announcement made yesterday: "Note: Women's Day Announcement! Toda..."

Everyone is invited to vote!

I think the point here is that we are attempting to match the current Men's badge. An abstract would be ideal. The problem I had with those that I was finding, is that they emphasize Idealistic Beauty. Even those of a very abstract nature, like single-line drawings, do this.

As for Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭's list, I would need help with images. Then we'll talk.
That's exactly why I think we might have to take a different approach to the women's badge. Women have been objectified so much historically that it's hard to avoid the problematic connotations of any abstract image.

I'm thinking it could perhaps be better if I add some kind of suggestions to what the images might look like if they're based on a historical figure. It could still be an abstraction, like a silhouette. Like this one of Virginia Woolf:

Because I think that a historical woman cannot represent every woman but only a particular place, time, colour, field, etc, a symbol should be used.

A symbol which is common for all and simple to understand.

Women's Day Announcement!

Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day!

It's a great day for celebrating women, highlighting inequalities, and finding solutions to unacceptable wrongs.

Therefore, I figured this is a good day for addressing the following situation:

I cannot find a "Women's" genre merit badge! "Men's" and "Children's", even "Family", but no "Women's" (even though the genre itself is defined, thankfully).

This wrong must be righted, we demand a Women's MB!

Before you paint your signs and put your best suffragette hats on, though, sisters....

.... fear not, I've already come up with a solution. The cost of the badge will be covered by myself and our ally in arms Richard ~ Mending Well!!, in equal shares of course.

Now all we need to figure out is the image that should grace our proud new badge. And that is the task I'm setting the community to work at, starting today! There will be a poll, where a select few historically significant women can be chosen between, to find out which iconic rolemodel should be the inspiration for the image.

The poll will be launched later today, which means:

There is still time to send me more suggestions! Be quick, though, we must soon move briskly and bravely on in our mission to make a Women's MB.
Just send a mail to PiriPica by clicking on the little envelope.

Stay brave sisters and allies, and expect a poll!

Thank You For Stepping Up And Doing This!!

The StoryMistress's artistic abilities are amazing. How about giving her free rein in creating the design. That is what I would vote for! *Wink*

I suggest something abstract. Historical figures are fine but problematic as WdC is very anglophile, anglophone, American and White. A symbol would be best. And not just "motherhood" as not all women are mothers. Superwoman? That may be generic but too culturally narrow. An historical figurine of fertility may be very appropriate. Could folks here handle that? perhaps just a variation of *Female*.
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