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Check out my portfolio...added new writing
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 ''Have I Ever Lied to You?''  (E)
There are ''Unwritten'' Promises
Can a person write a book about their life when they don't know the order in which things happened?
What's that?
Jenni, you can make it a series of self-contained episodes, then put them in an order that makes sense. James Heriot famously did this in his autobiographies  . Although each story is a stand-alone, collectively they form the story of his life.
I don't see why not. Memoir is becoming a very popular genre and what I've heard that writing remembered scenes or episodes as articles or chapters and then wrapping them into a collection isn't uncommon. There are many books written on the subject; I've recently purchased (but haven't read yet) Mary Karr's Art of Writing Memoir  . There are likely other resources on WdC and online as well. Good luck to you!
I'm going to start on my book!
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Best of luck to you.😁
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 My Dad's Heartbeat and Warmth  (E)
I love my Dad, but don't like him
I'm back after not writing for several days...come check out my profile
Can someone on this site help me enter my writings into a contest? I don't know how, I'm confused by the instructions
Sure, Jenni, which contest are you entering? Generally you need to post in the forum of the contest your item number of the piece you want to enter. Often as a bitem, like this {bitem:#######} replacing the #s with the item number. Can you ask more specific questions. Not sure what else you might need help with? Cheers and good luck with your entries! *HeartV*
Does WDC accept quotes and sayings?
And rants and curses and... *Laugh* Of course, attribution is required.

The official contest this month is: "Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest. That should be a clue. *Rolling*
I'm back from camp...I don't know how much writing I'll do, it'll depend on my fatigue level from camp.
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Take it easy, will see you soon, I'm sure *Hug*
I'm going to be gone for 3 days, so I won't be posting my writings until then
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Three days, eh? That works out to about 8:50pm WDC time, 9 September 2022. Okay, clock's tickin' - don't be late. *BigSmile*

''Now My Smile Is Fake?''
Written by Jenni Bailey

My Fourth with Grade Class picture was, already, not in my stepmother's vocabulary. What's wrong with my this one? It was my fifth grade school picture. My Dad told me: ''Your smile is fake!'' This time, it was my Dad that said something about my school pictures! What was going on? My smile wasn't ''fake''. My Dad believed this so much, that he took that picture of me, down from the wall. Nothing of mine belonged on that wall, unless it was approved by my Dad and Stepmother. I already felt like an outcast, but my picture being bashed twice, just confirmed what I already felt. I was a child, what did my Dad, and my stepmother want from me? I gave them ME, in a picture! That had to be enough, right? Nope!
I haven't written anything for couple of days...Gotta get writing!
If you're looking for inspiration, you could check out the contests in "WWN Contest Newsletter - September"  , or if you're looking for motivation you could try "The Contest Challenge"   by Schnujo .

You look like you have a lot of items in your portfolio now. I recommend reading the guidance in "PORTFOLIO STUDIO"   by Whata Turkey for tips on how to glow-up your port and increase your visibility.

In particular, there are a lot of activities rewarding reviews this month, so it's a really good time to fish for feedback.

There's also only a couple of months left for "Quill Nomination Form 2022 "   by Lilli ☕️ 🧿 . Many of your items are showing with the "other", "contest entry" and "contest" genres, which will limited the categories they can be nominated for - and similarly the likelihood of someone finding them for nomination. I found the best way to mark items that were entered into contests, is to put that information inside the body of the item instead. If you want to do that discretely, you can use dropnotes ({dropnote:"dropnote"}...{/dropnote}) to hide that text. Like so
I forgot to add, as an Upgraded member, you should be able to create book items as well as folders, or organise your poems. They both work a bit differently, but they're explained in "Writing.Com 101"   by The StoryMistress :          "Folder and "Book
If you decide to Read/Review my writings, please remain respectful on my page please. If you come across one that you've read, but don't necessarily like, I would ask you to please not leave a review! The kind of negativity that I will not respond to is: bashing the content and/or bashing me, or reviews that are unhelpful to me. I am able to take constructive criticism, but I will not respond to ignorance towards my writings! I appreciate the support in the reviews, always! If you don't understand the meaning of my writings, don't be afraid to ask. I will give you the best answer I can...

Thank you,
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People should always be leaving respectful reviews, and I agree with you...if people really don't like an item that much that they can't be respectful, then take a pass on that item. There are thousands of other items you can review instead.

I'm sorry you ran into that kind of experience. It can happen. Don't take it personally, see if there is any help that can be gleaned from it and then ignore it. You are not required to respond to reviews. You could also thank them for their time and leave it at that but don't feel like you have to respond.
I don't know how to enter my writings into a contest. Can someone tell me how?
Do you have a particular piece or contest in mind? Most require a new piece that follows a prompt, but some let you enter previously written work, and a few of those don't even have a specific prompt.
Hello again, Pink Girl In a Black World . Here are some easy-to-follow steps to enter a contest.

1. choose which of the items you have written you want to enter. If you look, you will see each item has a unique ID number. You will need that ID number.

2. choose which contest you want to enter. Open up the contest and scroll through all the information. Read and understand the rules. Make sure the item that you want to enter follows the rules of the contest. Then scroll all the way to the bottom to find where you can enter a new message.

3. in a message of the contest forum, type this: {bitem:XXXXXXX} only you are going to substitute that ID number from your item for all those X's. This will create a link directly to your item for the person running the contest!

If you have any more questions, you can email me or Mike directly. See those little envelopes in our handles (i.e. name)? That will take you directly to an email with one of us.
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