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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Hiya, JJ!
Stopping by to wish you a very happy EIGHTH WDC Anniversary. *Balloon*
Here's wishing you a very...

*Partyhato* Happy Birthday! *Balloono*

Hope it's great! *Cool*
Hey old friend!
Happy Birthday! Hope it's grand! !
It feels like almost a year since any inspiration has hit, finally got back to the pad and put my spirit to work! Hoping you are all doing fantastic and enjoying your moments! :
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Off to Cuba!!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with the best inspirational reads and writes you can find at every turn!

*Heart* *Bigsmile*
Oo where abouts? I've been twice and I'm going again in November *Delight*
Varadero, Palma Riel Resort :) Pretty excited as I sit in the airport
Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone might let me know what is the difference between a favorite and a fan? I've been adding favorites lately, and then clicked again and turned many into a fan... then back to a favorite. And then, a fan again.

It's been a fun, but I'm fairly confused on what I'm actually doing?!
Thanks for the link on that one! I feel sort of sheepish that I didn't do a quick search before posting this request, but very much appreciate enabling my laziness *Facepalm**Bigsmile*

It is nice to clearly understand now though; I can make sure I'm doing things right!
826 Gift Point Giveaway!! First person to post a new review in comments wins!

2nd Person gets 674!

Sidenote... a new review done by you *Smile*
You really want a review.
I reviewed "Ears Are To Listen - you should see something soon.

I liked it. Like how ear and hear/heard is very present and important. Now I need to point this out to someone. Think it may make them smile.

Thank you for writing and sharing it.
Hey! Although I meant a review done on anyone in the site, I really appreciate the fact you've taken part in the offer (and of course the review you've given me!!).

Gift point are on their way *Bigsmile*
I'd like to start a review wave. Want to join?

The basic concept I've started with was inspired by a few back and forth reads and reviews from Sharon which got me thinking.

Here's what I've gotten so far, and I'm certainly open to ideas.

*Questionr* Why?

- To read more stories, reviews people do, bios, etc
- To spread the hopes of larger involvement than this site already flourishes with (which is massively active to start with!)
- To add a fun 'wave'-like game to reviewing and getting to know our neighbors on here. Think football game 'waves' or other sporting events.

*Questionbl* How

- Find a member and review any piece. Attach any number of giftpoints you'd like (completely optional, just added fun to the inspiration which started this. Was generally a very low amount like 244 or so until our last exchange led to this) to the review with a suggestion of a piece from another author you offer for them to review.

- I will design scripts to copy/paste with the idea/'rules' of the game, perhaps even review tools I can share if that's what people want. Suggestions are welcomed

*Goggles* Possible things of focus

When selecting a piece as the suggested review, take into account what reviews they have already done. None? Perhaps something short to get them started. Poetry? Shorts? Chapters? Try to tailor your suggestion to the person to keep them comfortable, while also challenging them just a little to increase their experience with reviewing... not to mention to increase their library of reads!!

Look into bios for favourite authors, genres, or any info that can help make the experience as personal, friendly, and motivating as possible.

If this sounds like something you want to jump on board with, like/comment/share this as I don't know if I have too many people who see these posts as it is.

Message me for suggestions or details as I still haven't learned how to create a separate page for this. I'd like to have it going soon as possible if I have interest. In the meantime I'll be doing it anyways so plug any ideas for reviews you might suggest for me!
Hi Justin,
Thanks for tagging me in this, but you were the one who thought of it. Good luck and I hope you're able to get things going. I'll be happy to donate GPs.
Happy New Year!
Hoping you enjoy the new piece if you get the chance to read it. Sometimes I wonder why this ungodly hour of night produces my most unfiltered spirit.
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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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To them who lost their lives in the honest hopes to free mine, Thank You, your bravery and noble intentions are held dear.

To every soldier and innocent civilian who suffered in any way for this belief, Thank You, your struggle will not be in vain when it comes to my hopes to embrace the freedoms and comforts I DO have.

To Any Human Who Believes In The Love Of Our Species And The World As A Whole... THANK YOU, without you we may have all perished long ago.

I Send My Love To You All, Regardless Of Your Convictions.

I've spoken like a charlatan in the past with frustrations in the deceptions written in the reasons for war... but truly, the Men and Women who have put their lives on the line to fight for what they believed, and protect what they loved, are more honorable than I used to give credit for. Far more honorable. So lastly,

Thank You Honorable Women and Men, may I never forget the strength you possess.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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- When speaking admirable traits of character, I'd say patience holds a lot of wait...
Hey everybody!!

In hopes to get more active in supporting this site and all of the wonderful things that take place here, I've offered a prize to be won here :

Genre Auction and Fundraiser  (E)
Come bid on review packages in your favorite genre.
#1993416 by Angels in my Ear

The fundraiser is for a couple of great causes, one of them being promoting talents of our new members, which is why I've doubled up my prize offer of 5 reviews to the winner in the Short Story Genre, to include 5 additional reviews to a New member of the winner's choice!

That could be you bringing happiness to someone new in our community, all it takes is the highest bid!! *Wink*

Love and Light To All!!
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