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Happy birthday, Prof! You celebrate the same day as one of my daughters. *Bigsmile*

May you have a wonderful day! *BalloonV*


Thank you so much, WebWitch.
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

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Happy 12th WDC Anniversary, Prof! *BalloonBl*

Carry on! *ThumbsUpL*

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Thank you, Webwitch.
Happy Birthday, Professor Moriarty!! *ConfettiR* *CandleB* *CakeP* *CandleG* *GiftG*
Thanks, Sun.
Happy WDC Anniversary!
Thanks Jeff.

It's time we had a mobile app for this wonderful site. It would improve accessibility and make it really convenient to browse through all the contents while on the move.


As a one man band, the best we're going to get is the mobile friendly-ish version of the site that we have. *Smile*

If I had a couple million bucks and team of coders at my disposal, it may be a different story. *Laugh* Meanwhile, creating and maintaining apps across all the different mobile operating system and making sure it works on the thousands of different devices out there... Well, way out of my personal time constraints. *Wink*
As much as I would love for us to have an app too, I would like to say that I (and hopefully all of the others) appreciate all of the time and hard work that you put into this awesome site. Don't ever feel like we don't appreciate you because we do. We really, really do. *Smile**Heart*
I hear you, SM. Didn't realize apps are so expensive to design in the US. We have just made some really fancy apps for our company in India, and the prices are reasonable.

You are doing a great job anyway, SM. May God give you the strength and health to continue forever, and who knows, you may soon find the million dollars to spare. *Bigsmile*
A customer of mine wants to know which would be the best airlines for the following sectors: Los Angeles to Honolulu, Honolulu to San Francisco & San Francisco to New York. Any advice would be highly appreciated as I have no clue about travelling in the US.
What criteria is your customer using to define "best?" Cheapest price, highest quality flying experience, etc.? For my money, I usually like Alaska Airlines for California/Hawaii trips, and either JetBlue or Virgin America for California/New York trips. Southwest is decent too, if you're looking for cheap, no-frills airfare. I usually avoid United, American, and Delta if at all possible. The first two (in my experience) treat non-first class customers horribly (but they're great if you do foot the bill for premium service), and Delta has been the airline with whom I've experienced the most issues (late departures/arrivals, lost baggage, etc.).

That said, finding a low fare to me is more important than the specific airline I fly, so I usually use Kayak.com to price match and go with whoever's cheapest. If I were your customer and the difference between, say JetBlue and United was less than $50, I'd probably go with a preferred airline. But if the difference was more than $50, I just don't care enough to fork over serious extra dough for a preferred carrier. *Smile*
*StockingR* *StockingR* *Xmastree**Xmastree* *Xmastree* Merry Christmas *Xmastree* *Xmastree* *Xmastree* *StockingR* *StockingR*
Just finished reading TOXIN by Robin Cook. It violates every rule I learned here at WDC. To name a few, the book abounds in heavy use of the passive voice, head-hopping and tons of telling. Cook continues to be a best-selling author. I wonder why. Probably, l something to do with his unique positioning in the realm of medical thrillers as well as the intricate plots and the meticulous research that goes into each of his books.
Could one of you point me to an article or forum that describes "head-hopping?" Afraid I'm not familiar with the term in relation to POV.
POV Problems and Authorial Intrusion  (E)
Reviewing News and Views Newsletter - March 1, 2010
#1650639 by NickiD89
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Soul Of India  [E]
A tribute to India's greatest gift.
and now it proudly wears the unique identity number. *Bigsmile*
Thrilled to have built and posted my own erotic cNote shop. Had a lovely time exploring the images and putting it all together. You can visit it at "Erotic Naughty CNotes [GC]. Doing it your own way is so much more fun and economical. Just realized that. *Wink*
I used to run a contest called The Creative Detailing Contest when life got in the way, and I withdrew. Now, with the return of my muse, would like to resume this contest again. The latest round is now open. Please visit the contest at "The Creative Detailing Contest [13+], and if time permits, do participate.
Muse seems to have struck me. Alas, time is scarce. Balancing between my job and family, hardly get any time to write. *Confused*
In the event of this Meet going through, will fence sitters like me who have not yet confirmed get a chance to do so closer to the D date. In my case, it's going to be an arduous 24 hour journey from Calcutta to Newark with a halt in Dubai. Would have to take leave from office. Difficult to plan so much in advance. I'd really like to be there, but not sure as of now.
If you'd come all the way from Calcutta, what are the others waiting for?
Hello Moriarty, happy Anniversary! I haven't seen you around too much lately. I hope this is the good sign that your professional life is getting better.
Thanks, Giselle. Yes, I am trying.
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