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welcome to The Silver Rose - Dyslexia Support Group. ^-^ I'm Geneva, if you need help with anything let me know and I will do what I can to help.
Finally, I wish there was a more permanent solution to portfolio size. If I had that kind of cash lying around, I would easily sink something to the order of one or two grand in order to permanently have a huge portfolio, even if I never needed 2,500 items in my entire life. Just the ability to do it and never worry about having to renew would be enough. I do like DeviantART's virtually limitless gallery, but WDC offers more feedback as it's pretty much just writers. (While DA is mainly artists)
Furthermore, I need to compare that document to my hard copies. I'd completely forgotten the armaments.

Additionally, I need to work on the Indigo Tremor. Seems I originally gave it a sixty-inch gun, which cannot be accurate anymore. A new IRT Tank has been developed and uses a sixty inch gun.

For now, the gun is of an unknown diameter. Perhaps they are the same, or similar.

Due to a lack of engineering knowledge, all measurements are bound to change. The new IRT's gun may shrink.
Also updated GDA Vehicle Data: Coronet Systems. This was written a while ago, and in the intervening time some canon changes have occurred:

The Linebreaker is no longer the Coronet Tiger III. It is the Tiger V, built after the Fortress.
The Fortress is now the Coronet Tiger IV.
The Tiger III slot is a Coronet Tiger of unknown design now.
Some consistency errors will appear between this document and the one on my Wiki page. I will decide which is true canon at a later date.
Updated biography to reflect the fact it's been nearly a decade since I started Project One Man War.

Also added my WikiDot site to links. It's very WIP, but is the new central location for everything related to Project One Man War Saga. Could use formatting suggestions, though. (There is space for ten members, as it is a 'Free' site.)
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