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This is a brand new story of mine. I hope you enjoy!
Never Wander Alone  (ASR)
Sometimes things find a way to creep out of your imagination...
This is a story dedicated to my love for the board game 'Monopoly.' I hope you enjoy!:
 Get Out of Jail Free  (E)
Sometimes, games are more than just games.
A short story I had written for my Creative Writing class a couple years ago. Great for Halloween!:
The Phantom in the Window  (E)
"Let me tell you about the silhouette I saw sneaking past the broken windows..."
This is a poem I wrote for Creative Writing. It's a look back on my childhood memories. I hope you enjoy it. :
 Reflection  (E)
A brief look into my childhood memories.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
The Lonely Man  (E)
This is a story about a lonely, lonely man. His only friend was the Internet.
This small piece of writing is about a friend of mine who I witnessed experience the affects of marijuana and I was fascinated by it. :
Glass Girl  (E)
"It was hard to tell whether this Glass Girl was on the brink of cracking, or shattering."
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