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Just return! It feels good to be in a country with a much better internet connection. *Inlove*
'S been a while since I'm online, and whoa, WDC sure changed a lot. In a good way, anyway.
Glad to see you around again. Are you sticking for awhile? *Smile*
good to see you again, pumpkinhead!
I hope so. I've been hoping to find some extra motivation for my personal writing, but I kept delaying it until now. Right now actually I'm just looking for an inspiration for a short story assignment, but afterwards... who knows? Maybe I'll stick for a while and find a new kind of activity to do.
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*
Thank you so much! You just made my day! *Delight*
Been ages since I last opened my WdC account. Glad to finally have extra time.
I have tried, but as you know, writing short stories is hard. I made several newbie mistakes and just didn't feel like fixing it once I figured out what was wrong. Good luck with your work&busyness!
Political turmoil sets the stage for many scifi novels, and it it often the cause of the protagonists' troubles.
Examples... Let's see... Dune, for starters. Also, Ender's Game is centered around a war with an alien race, caused by bad diplomacy. The Softwire series, which is*ThumbsUp**ThumbsUp* , is about a ship of children that lands on a plant that is very socialist, and humans= the bottom caste

In all these books, the government of the future causes huge probs and/or is in a war.
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Hmm ... okay. I'll have to read some of these books. Later. When I'm not this busy. When I have no other book to review. *Pthb*

Thanks, though, it really helps. *Smile* Have you tried to write sci-fi yourself?
Sci-Fi: one of my favorites! My favorite science fiction has a lot of details so that the world is real. I like the imaginative explanations. Instead of "The doors here go Whoosh!", it's "the whoosh comes from the airlock being depressurized and the wind escapes into deep space, dispersing as gases are known to do." Another key element of sci-fi is political turmoil. Of course the government isn't exactly the same in the future as now, in fact, we expect to see some thought-provoking issues.
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One of your favourites? How many favourites do you have, exactly? *Confused*

Hmm, so I'll need to learn these scientific language -- depressurise, etc, etc. I never have any use of them in fantasy. And political turmoil? Okay ... I'll try to think something about that. I'm curious, though: why does it tend to have political turmoil? Can you give me a little example, one or two of them?
I'm curious how the world of Science Fiction looks like. So far I only focus on Fantasy genre, so I have really limited knowledge in SF. Does anyone know what I must know first before beginning my study of the genre? Tips and tricks? What SF has that Fantasy doesn't? Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks again for the review. Wow, we have some common favorite books. I checked out. Jonathan Stroud is really a fine writer! I also like him. Have you read of the Artemis Fowl Series? By Eoin Colfer? It is also a great one. It just excited me to share. I have this vacation when I read Bartimaeus (first book) followed by Percy Jackson series and then the Artemis Fowl series all at the same time. Of course, it took long enough to finish them all.
You might want to check that out!
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A lot of common favourite books! I just love Stroud! Especially Bartimaeus Trilogy. I'm also gonna check Eoin Colfer once I have time (and money to buy). I did see it before in the bookstore, but I got confused which one of the series I should buy. Any suggestion which title of Artemis Fowl I should read first?

And I'm glad to find someone who also loves Lewis Carroll. He's my personal favourite among classical authors!
It's been a while since I review anything in WdC. Lately all I review are articles/stories for school or novel excerpts for work -- after doing it all the time, I felt kind of lazy to do it again here. But since now it's holiday ... well, it's nice to be back.
Thanks, and I'll be sure to look that up. While we're talking fantasyXrock, I want to mention that I really enjoyed Pay the Piper by Jane Yolen. It's really weird, but I like all of her books about the Fey.

Hmmm.. Troll musicians...
Jane Yolen, eh? I'll make sure to try that if I happen to find one of her books. Oh, Gosh, there are too many good authors in this world and I just can't read all of them!

Yep, troll musician. In that book, he's playing by banging rocks together (some kind of a prehistorical drum, I reckon), but you can use other things as well. Perhaps vampire pianist or banshee singer. You can name them ... The Coffin or something. *Smile*
In the near future, I can't see myself getting to write that bit. I have a music competition this weekend, and then I need to do about five chapters in my economics book. Anyways, you can take Liliana. I was going to have her sneak away from Wilfred and drag Creed off to go clubbing, or whatever the Escape-era version of clubbing is. However, the story I ended up with in my head doesn't really require Liliana. I'll enjoy reading anything you post, so write it quickly!
Wow, a music competition! I didn't know you're a musician! *Laugh* Best luck.

Clubbing in Escape ... well, I can hardly imagine clubbing in this kind of world, but if a concert like that, I guess it's still possible. Have you ever read Terry Pratchett's Soul Music? That's a weird one, a rock 'n roll concert in this kind of world, with a troll, a goblin and an elvish man in the band. Maybe you can put something similar like that. I'll be looking forward to read that.
Doggone it! Inheritance appeared in the bookstore in the busiest month of the year, and I can't resist buying! Ooh, how can I finish NaNo now...? *Cry*
I dare you to put in the next chapter,a sub-plot that has to do with that book.
LOL, that certainly is an idea. My novel is a bit sci-fi-ish, but it'll be interesting to try. *Bigsmile*
Good luck.
Actually, I'm a bit relieved, as I have a crazy november too... I have exams from the 23-30th, and I'm going away to India for a week *Worry*. But I will be online everyday, except for the one week in India from the 11-18th.
Well, its usually set in modern times in big cities, and tends to involve vampires, witches, werewolves and the like. Supernatural activity is often hidden and comes alive at night. The main characters are often supernatural in some way themselves, and/or have been trained to fight bad supernatural creatures. A good example of a teen urban fantasy is City of Bones.
Sounds cool! I never read about City of Bones, but from your description, I wonder if my current story can be considered urban fantasy. I don't know. I guess I can worry about the genre later.

Speaking of which, sorry if I couldn't reply earlier, but NaNo happens really in the wrong time for me. I'll try to open my WdC account as often as possible, although I can't promise I'll do it daily. So sorry for being such a bad NaNo buddy. *Pthb*
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