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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Boop? Hello there Benji, just checking in on you big buddy :)
Boop! Spammed your inbox :)
I've returned fired, your move giant man!
hello, not much English and I speak it with a translator.
I wonder if you'll make more interactive stories and if I can help them.
Hello, and thank you for the message.

I will write more chapters soon. I just need to find the time.

You are welcome to share your ideas with me by email. :)

I think you are one of the best writers on this site want to hang out
I'm in Australia and I'm a hermit, but thanks for the offer. :)
What happened to Glee Gods?
It's unavailable while I'm in between memberships. In a couple of days everything will be back to Norman.
Hello :)
I'm sorry for the question. I remember one of your stories, Shrinking on the O.C. one of the best stories about M\m that I've ever read; unfortunatly i can not find it. has been canceled?
Hi :)

I did close down Shrinking on the OC and re-use some of the chapters as material in Big Men on Campus. :)

Hey Buddy,
I just saw your lasted journal entry and was wondering if you would like to chat on YIM sometime? If so just add me, my emails on CF but if you don't wanna IM that's fine too just thought I'd ask :)

Hope all is well :)
Of course man! I'll send you an email reply later and include my YIM :)
Ugh! I've got some serious writers block D:, I have everything for F,DI,GB planned out except for the scene where Keith (the jocky bully) encounters Rex, any suggestions Big Buddy?
Hmm.. Well I like the chase scene idea we talked about. Maybe Rex could get hold of Keith and try to make him apologize by slamming him around like a rag doll. Or he could sit on the little guy in an attempt to subdue him (to Izzy's dismay I'm sure). After he got up, then the chase could ensue.

I sent you an inbox anyways, there might be some inspiration in there. ;)

Rawr! Hehe, just checkin in on you Master, hope all is well :)
What happened to Glee Gods?
It'll be locked for a few days while I'm between memberships, should be back up and in one piece soon.
Amazing stuff good sir!
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Thank you, lil guy!
could you continue -Celeb Boy Toys: Chapter 27: Cory's Big feet (ID #1059952)- please.

Would be very nice^^
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