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Winter session is about to kick off for "House of Sensual Prose"   by PurplePrincess
What are you waiting for? Come and join us.

Classes begin tomorrow. You have two more days to register if you want in on this session.

Available classes:
"The Basics of Erotic Writing"   by PurplePrincess
"HSP ~ Romantica"   by PurplePrincess

"Registration for HSP classes"   by PurplePrincess
******Gift Certificates are available********
Classes begin Monday, MonDay, MONDAY

Only a few days left to sign up

"HSP ~ Romantica"   by PurplePrincess

"The Basics of Erotic Writing"   by PurplePrincess

If you're interested, follow this link: "Registration for HSP classes"   by PurplePrincess

No GPs? Email me about a scholarship!
Happy almost 2020 WdCer's!

Something old: "House of Sensual Prose"   by PurplePrincess is back for a new session. You can sign up for classes here: "Registration for HSP classes"   by PurplePrincess

. . . . And now for something completely different. Well, sort of *Rolling*

Calling all Erotica writers....."Erotic Writing Group"   by PurplePrincess

If you're interested in a review group just for the erotic genre, you can sign up here.
"Erotic Writing Group [EWG] Member survey"   by PurplePrincess
Out with the insanity!

"2019 Was Hell
Thank you for thinking of me, anon, and the generous gift of GPs.

Who knew this was a thing? *Wink*

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Where to go from here I wonder...

I got pranked the other day and I always have a smile on my face. I'm glad your still on here.
I was pranked too. Thanks Anon!
If you want to keep it going, PurplePrincess, feel free. Just send a random amount of GPs to whomever you want...friends, fans, strangers on the newsfeed, whomever. *Bigsmile* Just remember to check the Anonymous box. *Wink*
RIP Eddie Money. You totally shaped my teenage years with your heartfelt music, and for that, I thank you. *HeartBroken*
I know, I just heard. So sad. *Cry*
My life is chaos.

So after one year, and 8 months. . . . . we are finally opening the gas station we bought on Monday!

I'm still buying the products for the store and setting things up this weekend, but Monday morning I'll have my coveted Certificate of Occupancy. Let me just say that this process alone has been nothing but a nightmare. With every inspection/inspector, they hit us with new things to do.

Coke is apparently too busy to send someone out to set up their cooler. So, I'm thinking I may offer them an ultimatum to either get it set up or come take their stuff. *Laugh* I do wonder if that will actually get someone out there, or piss them off completely.

We have until May 31st to move the garage over to the new place. And Ramadan is going to start this weekend [Sunday I believe], which just adds another kink to this chaos.

I thought we'd be open by Friday, but Mother Nature had her say and everything around us was flooded for days. I swear I've never driven through so much water before, and it's a miracle I am not one of the thousands who has lost their cars because they drove down the same streets I did. Our garage has a good 5 vehicles that are a total loss.

The Fire Marshall nailed us for a few more things we have to change, but he's going to actually trust me to get them done and is letting us open. *Shock* I admit it, I'm totally shocked.

If you can't tell by this post, I'm completely scatterbrained at the moment.

For those taking HSP classes and waiting on reviews, I know I'm behind, but I'm hoping to catch up this morning before I'm back running between two businesses and getting the last minute items needed to for the big opening.

And last but not least,

for all of the anniversary wishes. Can't believe it's been 12 years! And to Jace ~ Happy Anniversary to you as well, my friend *Heartv*. You're not the only one who was late this year.

Alrighty, I'm off to get so reviews in. And with any luck, after a week of running the new place, I'll be back on a regular work schedule, which will free up pc time for me *Bigsmile*

Have a wonderful weekend all of you lovely, wonderful, talented WDCers. Much *Heartv* to you all.
Life, like a box of chocolates, is an experience and my, are you getting some different tastes of life. I hope and pray for you that Monday will bring some peace and joy to the chaos that you've had recently and that your opening will be a tremendous success. Be blessed, be happy and hang on in there.
Alexi *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart*
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Oh, I hope all goes well for you on Monday! Congratulations. I can't imagine how much work you've put into this. I wish you great success.
Dang. Always a day late.... Happy Anniversary, Miss T. *Smile*
Happy WDC Anniversary! *Delight*

Thank you!!
Happy 12th Writing.com Anniversary!! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you.

I hope you have a great day and get lots of well-wishes!