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Thank you, anon for the GPS. Much appreciated! 💜
Dear Mother Nature,
This summer has sucked. 4 weekends in a row I've dealt with flooding. On Wednesday we had more storms and 800,000 of us lost power, me included. With luck, I'll see power around midnight Monday evening [not holding my breath since it was supposed to be tonight]. I get it. You're pissed at all the climate deniers and trying to get their attention, but I'm exhausted. They either don't care, are in denial, or just dumb, take your pick. I'm a believer, so please, give me a little break for the rest of the year. If not, then piss off.
Write From the Heart - Story Contest  (E)
Write a story that pulls on the heartstrings based on the given prompt.
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August Prompt is now OPEN

I've spent the last three weekends cleaning up after flooding in my city. Tonight is no exception. If I have to hear one more comment about fake climate change and that we don't need an infrastructure overhaul I may have to hurt somebody. *FacePalm*
I felt the same after our summer of more bushfires than ever before. The only reason we had a relatively good summer this last one was because people were in lockdown. Stoopid humans.
I'm so sorry Purple Princess . I hope you're okay.

I feel the same way about the climate change non-debate.

Where I am, it's a heavy industrial and mining area, and it's the same scenario for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers in any direction. Despite this, I have never in my life (nearing half a century) had an air quality warning until the last two years, and it was for wildfire smoke both times.

The fires aren't even that close to us, they're just big enough the whole region is one giant ball of haze.
Write From the Heart - Story Contest  (E)
Write a story that pulls on the heartstrings based on the given prompt.
#2121278 by Purple Princess

Is Back!

To kick things off,
you've got an open prompt
This is my backyard. Basement flooded too. Waiting for round two to begin and round 2 of clean up. *Headbang*

Stay safe everyone.
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What a mess. I hope things improve soon.
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I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer!
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HaHa 🌓 HuntersMoon - I gave one of them up and asked her to pick someone else. But, don't tell anyone - let them all think I'm mean so they keep bringing me coffee. *Wink*
Coffee time! Just for you, Lilli ☕ and your... kindness.
Just under 10 hours to go!

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"HSP Fundraiser ~ CLOSED"   by Purple Princess

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"HSP Fundraiser ~ CLOSED"   by Purple Princess


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