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Welcome to fall!

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Registration for HSP classes  (E)
Class selection for House of Sensual Prose.
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You can find more information here:
"House of Sensual Prose"   by Purple Princess
I Need Help!

And there is no better place to get that help,
then from all of you.

As HSP moves toward Romance Classes, I was in need
of words/phrasing/sentences to use as examples.

I have a list of words, still adding to it, but it's the phrases/sentences I could use more examples of.

So, if any of you gifted writers out there would like to help me comprise this list, I'd be so grateful!

I'm looking for mushy, sweet, with all the feels of any of the words here:
"Romantic Words"   by Purple Princess

to be used in sentences here:
"Romantic Phrases"   by Purple Princess

*Heartv* ~T

Romantic words...
Bashful (shy) Blissful Bemused Be-wondered Colorful Creative Dainty Fawning (exaggerated flirting) Grand Knight in shinning armor Light hearted My Cutie Nice Observant Quiet

Romantic Phrases: You are my candle in the darkness. Your eyes shine like the moon and sparkle like the stars. He was as sturdy as stone but as soft as fur.
Rest in Power, RBG. 💔💔💔
Last Call
"HSP WDC Birthday Writing Activity"   by Purple Princess
Closes tonight.
As Tom Cruise's character said in "Jack Reacher": "Remember, you wanted this." Been there, bought that.



The HSP Birthday Raffle closes on the 15th.

You are all WINNERS at the
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Let me know which of the 10 HSP merit badges you'd like. *Smile*
Congratulations all!
Awesome, awesome! *Bigsmile* I'll take the HSP MB, please ;)

The HSP Purple Lips, that is *Wink**Whistle*
We've given out 8 merit badges so far at

"HSP WDC Birthday Writing Activity"   by Purple Princess

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What are you waiting for?
HA. You just answered my question I asked in the forum *Blush*
You're right, Purple Princess - it is pretty easy!
I am looking for 5 4 Newbies.
If you've been on-site for less than a year
reply to this post.
I've got something special for you!
rinsoxy That’s very kind 😊 *Heart* But yes, only six months. It feels strange to me, having people know me on here. It’s not a lot but it’s more than enough. We’re a community, and I love it.
Miranda at first i noticed you because you have the same first name as the main character of my first finished novel, then I read your stuff and was hooked.
Wow, really? I need to read more of your works, and others. I’m glad you like some of my works. Many need revisioning though
I've added a new entry to my book, "Poisoned Purple Pen:
         "Manic Monday - The Bangels - 1986
The "HSP WDC Birthday Writing Activity"   by Purple Princess is having a writing contest.

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What are you waiting for??
Since I cannot be trusted to be awake at 12:01 am, here's your heads up for
HSP's dive into the 20th Birthday Bash.

HSP WDC Birthday Writing Activity  (E)
Writing, Reviewing, Raffles and Prizes oh my!
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Can't wait to see what all you've come up with.

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